Inclement weather sweater

If the darkness of these photos doesn’t give it away, I can tell you that the clouds were looming and I, being of fashionable preparedness had worn this trench coat ready for the rain. Rain? It hasn’t really rained in the Bay Area for years. YEARS! You better believe that this trench coat that hasn’t seen the light of day for a few years would get taken out to play. I’m glad I wore it (and oh so glad it rained) because I realized that this coat is actually built for another body. I had been wearing it wrong this whole time!

This trench coat came to me second hand after expressing to my roommate that it would be so cool to find Burberry trench coat. They were the rage of the runway when I started my blog in 2006 (blame Kate Moss.) And said roommate and I took a trip to the Las Vegas Buffalo Exchange together and one of the sales associates handed her THIS trench coat, she looked at me and reluctantly gave it over, knowing I had just told her I wanted one! I bought it because I’d figured I’d never find one again (something I learned does not exist in the world of second-hand.)

This trench is made for a petite person. So on me, the sleeves that should come to my wrist, are 3/4. The belted waist, is more like a belt right under my boobs. But when you’ve invested so much thought to keep this one damn thing, it’s hard to get rid of it (FYI, it only cost me $30.) So I realized I have to wear it another way, and the simplest thing I did finally was to just remove the belt! As a loose trench, I don’t have to worry about some of the aforementioned issues. I call this a success story! And you want to hear the cherry-on-the-top part of this story? My buddy was working at a Burberry store up until recently and gave me this rich wine colored lipstick from their makeup line! It’s so good!

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vintage Burberry trench Buffalo Exchange England  –
TSE sweater thrifted China  –
vintage Levi’s 517 thrifted USA HERE
Sam Edelman Petty boots Shopbop China HERE
Burberry lip velvet in Oxblood Burberry store HERE

Thrift Eye, vintage Burberry trench coat, style blogger, vintage Levi's, San Francisco style

Thrift Eye, vintage Burberry trench coat, style blogger, vintage Levi's, San Francisco style

And yes, it did rain. I wear my TSE cashmere sweater when it rains because in the weirdest of coincidences – my dentist taught me it’s waterproof when we accidentally spilled a cup of water on me at an appointment!