Shopping responsibly and consciously links

Links posts are a dedicated space here for a roundup of links (that don’t fall into my normal post categories) that are sharing information about Made in USA, and as the title mentions, shopping responsibly and consciously.

There is no title to this link, other than I recently stopped by what was my old Made in USA favorite and found an unannounced change. See the sign above, a picture I took years ago. This time I when I went in, I noticed the signs and labels had chanaged to Made in China!!

See how their Our Story section now states

We produce most of our line in San Francisco & Los Angeles, where some of the best knits in the world are made. For our more technical styles, we manufacture overseas in the same fair and ethical garment factories that we would use in the states. The relationships that we build with our sewers are important to us, and we are confident that our product and brand are in good hands.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a little disappointed. But a lot of brands have been moving this way.

Big Words, Little Actions

Susie broaches the subject of fashion and sustainability, and how it’s such a difficult subject – but that sustainability should not be a small slice of the conversation, it should just be the norm.


When fashion is influenced by anything and everything, follies like this happen more often! It’s pretty hilarious.

Is Your Product Truly American-Made? How Imports, Suppliers and More Play Into the Coveted Made in USA Claim

Now that consumers are driving the supply chains with more understanding of promotion and products, they’re finally questioning the origins of their products more. Can a company really claim their products were made in the USA when all the pieces came from another country? Some lawsuits are challenging that!

‘Made in USA’ jeans case settles

Case in point – man sues AG jeans for Made in USA label but finds out most of the pieces but the denim are made in other countries, feels manipulated for paying more for a quality item, class action lawsuit follows. Now you too may qualify for a free pair of AG jeans if you are part of the suit!