Book covers into fashion 6

If you’re new to this covers into fashion series, you can catch up with the others HERE.

And you’re bound to be new to this series if you’re new to my blog, because I haven’t had a chance to make one of these posts in almost 2 damn years!! What happened?! My sincere apologies, because I definitely haven’t stopped reading!

In this series, instead of creating a collage inspired by the characters of the book like my  Books into Fashion series – I create collages inspired by the covers themselves! I read Mindy Kaling’s book a good while back and always loved that she was the star of her book cover – it really gained steam during the time comedian biographies were gaining popularity.

And more recently, I finally picked up Chery Strayed’s WILD on a whim to read it after soooo long. I actually loved it, and found it more inspiring than something like Lean In…I find the cover pretty hilarious because the damn boots she wore were such pains throughout the whole story!

I hope to resurrect all my book series, gotta keep reading as much as I can.