So a lot of my outings lately have been to museums. Sorry (not sorry.) I’m now the proud member of three different museums in San Francisco and cannot urge you enough to do something similar near you! In the long run it becomes affordable if you visit often (like I do) and you typically always have a bonus ticket to invite a friend – and what good friends wouldn’t take you up on an offer to visit world class museums for free?!

So when I got the chance to visit the SF MOMA for the first time, I jumped at the opportunity to get a membership. Solely for the fact that it’s also too large to enjoy in one whole day. So now I get to come back as much as I want for a whole year! I feel lucky.

I’ve been trying to figure out where one can wear a bright yellow, wool, mini skirt…and if a museum isn’t perfect, I don’t know where else you’d wear the damn thing?! I still can’t believe I found it at the thrift store! It’s by Sonia Rykiel, who seems to have just passed away (RIP)

Item From Made in… BUY
Uniqlo top China HERE
Sonia Rykiel skirt thrifted Hungary HERE
Fjallraven backpack Vietnam HERE
Spanx opaque tights Honduras HERE
Sam Edelman Petty boots China HERE
vintage RayBan wayfarer thrifted USA HERE
Shashi earrings USA

Thrift Eye, San Francisco style, Sonia Rykiel yellow wool skirt

Thrift Eye, San Francisco style, Sonia Rykiel yellow wool skirt