Shopping responsibly and consciously links

Links posts are a dedicated space here for a roundup of links (that don’t fall into my normal post categories) that are sharing information about Made in USA, and as the title mentions, shopping responsibly and consciously.

I recently found this super-sweet gorgeous gown while thrifting – it reminded me of how much beautiful clothes is out there with nowhere to wear it to!
Thrift Eye

Get Your Money’s Worth

I loved this segment on This American Life about money and LL Bean wrestling with the consequences of its “no questions asked,” lifetime return policy! As someone who frequently sees LL Bean while thrifting, this kind of made me question a lot of things.

Sometimes Saks Fifth Avenue Is Cheaper Than The Outlet

It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. This happens all the time with collaboration pieces too. You can always find the real thing even cheaper, used! So now, not only is it cheaper at the Main store – you’re also swindled by believing outlet store things were originally in the main stores. Most outlet stores manufacture clothing especially for the outlets!


How many times do we have to repeat this news? “84 percent of unwanted clothes in the United States in 2012 went into either a landfill or an incinerator.” That’s just horribly insane figures!

Dear Everlane…

This open letter to Everlane is kind of bananas! Their reply back is just hilarious.