Because my sister wore it

Hi folks!

This month has just been…ugh! I don’t get into politics with others much, if ever, but the elections really had me on edge and just feeling overall saddened by the actions of many people. I had no mind to concentrate on any sort of blogging. This was just the cherry on the top of layers of crazy stuff that has happened to me this year. So I will continue to, and urge you too, to find find comfort with friends and family to spread love.

I was able to visit my family briefly, and between my sisters and my mom, we’ve been able to mutually swap all kinds of things in our wardrobes. It’s quite wonderful. So you sometimes see me referring to things here as “borrowed” from my sister. This dress though…we can just say she left it in the care of my mom for some mending and I helped myself to it! It’s just so beautifully structured!

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Jason Wu dress borrowed from sister USA HERE
Freda Salvador Spain similar

Thrift Eye, Jason Wu dress, style blogger

Thrift Eye, Jason Wu dress, style blogger