Before and After

I had someone again ask me the other day, “What’s your secret?” I never know how to respond to these questions. People always assume I’ve been thin my whole life, better yet, they assume everything and anything. That’s where I’ve learned to mind my own business about other people’s bodies over the years – but I know people are inevitably curious and like to ask questions. There is no secret to losing and maintaining weight.

Almost four years ago, I was tired of being inactive, having gut problems, and being asked if I was pregnant by strangers (it messes with your head!!) And I decided to take charge of how I was eating so I could relieve stomach issues. Losing weight was just the side product. By eliminating most bread from my diet, I was able to lose weight. But after a very difficult beginning of the year, I decided 2016 was the year I was going to learn how to run and finally get fit. I run and go to the gym between 3-4 times and week. It’s crazy how at first there seemed to be no changes in my body, the changes actually were in my brain! The feeling of exercising felt like nothing else and it did good for my mental health. And all of a sudden in the last two months, my body has taken a drastic change where I can finally see all the hard work. There is tone and definition. And I’m like, is this really  me??!!

I ran across this old picture of myself from 2012 and I had to do a double take. I loved wearing this dress, but the cut across my midsection ALWAYS made me feel so self conscious. It honestly barely fit and probably shouldn’t have been wearing it. But I did.
Thrift Eye

This outfit had been in the back of my mind – I thought to myself, I could still wear it! I still have all these pieces. So I dug them out, and rocked this outfit again. But now I have to wear a belt. In fact, the belt itself is another story – it was given to me by a coworker in a pinch and it never fit. It’s plastic (so no stretch to it) and I could only wear it on the last hole. And through this journey, I’ve been able to belt it smaller and smaller. So much, that I’ve now put three extra holes in it! That’s what shocks me the most sometimes.

I guess this story is about finding comfort in yourself no matter what size!

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

I’m happy in my skin no matter what size!

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  • Leticia

    Girl, nevermind your body, the difference in your face! You look like a happy woman! With definition on your cheekbones and that smile. I was going to say ten years older, but that might be misinterpreted, but that is what it looks like: as in from fifteen to twenty five.

    I often say to people that one of the best things that happened to me was to get this congenital repetition tendinitis on my shoulder that forces me to exercise. I had first crisis was around twenty, it took the doctors eight years to figure out what it was and what the treatment would be: “muscle strength and stretching to reduce the strain on the tendon”, so for the last twelve years I haven’t stopped exercising for more than a few months in a row.

    The main point of exercise to me not to feel the crippling pain in my dominant arm, but the side effects are nice: there’s this calm from the endorphins that hardly anything else can give; the strength to do things with ease – carrying heavy stuff from the supermarket, no biggie; walking for miles is doable; better sleep; toned body, the mirror is gentler and clothes fit better; And it’s like I have a built in reminder, when life gets busy and I stop exercising my arm starts hurting and I know it’s time to get back.

    • Eli

      Wow, thanks for sharing that. Sometimes life has little messages embedded in difficult situations, perhaps. I’ve also gone through a bad breakup in the last year, and the exercise has been so good for my mental health. Like beyond any meditation. I’m extremely grateful for that!