2016 moments

2016 could not have exited one second sooner for me. I was done with it. Good riddance. It’s kind of a bummer that we all collectively gave up on 2016, but oh well, I’m looking forward to 2017 just like everyone else!

I’ve been in a weird space with the blog this last year – I’m finding it difficult to balance a lot of my time (does it ever get easier?!) but I’m proud to still have this blog as a one woman show not compromising my style for the sake of others, exploring photography and passion for technology, falling in love with museums all over, and continuing to champion for Made in the USA & sustainable fashion.

Here are 12 outfits that were my monthly favorites! I’ll consider this a remix post, and per usual, click on the image to see the original post!

I liked this outfit! But I’ve since both sold this dress and donated the shoes back to the thrift store. In spite of liking it, I think I couldn’t figure out how to wear both of these things more. Plus, the shoes were sadly uncomfortable.
Thrift Eye

This post was about how to wear summery dresses in the winter. Which I anticipate I’ll be doing a lot again in the next few months!
Thrift Eye

I loved this dress and outfit!! This Kate Spade dress feels so elegant. I’m sad I can’t wear it anymore because it’s too big!! It was already big when I wore it, so when I really began to work out, it was just way too big to wear at all!
Thrift Eye

My tried and true cashmere sweater has been in steady rotation these last few months. This is my first foray into breaking away from wearing JBrand skinny jeans towards loose fitting vintage Levi’s!
Thrift Eye

The weather finally warms up!! I liked that the outfit (top & pants) were all made in the USA!
Thrift Eye

I loved this month because I went to NYC!! (I’m dying to go back.) But slim on the blogging for me. Unfortunately, I went through a very heavy emotional period in my life beginning at the end of the previous month. This bright and cute Marimekko top has now found a new home with a friend who wears more funky stuff than me!
Thrift Eye

I felt scared to wear this dress for a long time – the plunge is LOW, but you know what?! F*@$ it!! The confidence I gained from wearing it, outweighed the fear.
Thrift Eye

This year, I started to break some of my own style rules – I don’t think I would have been caught dead wearing trainers and a dress/skirt EVER before. But I did it, and I survived. Who knew it would look good and I would be so comfy?! What else have I been missing out on?!!
Thrift Eye

I don’t wear this Bart Simpson sweater as much as I should!! I’m going to bring it back now!
Thrift Eye

I picked up this little black APC dress with hesitation because it’s a little more modern (and short) for my tastes, but I love wearing it now!!
Thrift Eye

I didn’t post much this month because I got distracted by lots of things in my life – but my favorite post was revisiting this outfit 4 years later and 30 pounds lighter!!
Thrift Eye

I somehow successfully managed to NOT post any outfits on my blog for December?! How’d that happen…cause I clearly wore clothes for 31 days ;) Even though the previous post was worn in December. That’s how far behind I am in posting!! But I showed this one to my Instagram account

This last month has been a whirlwind for me of getting back in touch with friends, doubling-down at work, overloading on thrifting, expanding my photography, staying motivated to work-out in spite of the bad weather, visiting more museums at any free moment, and exploring new parts of San Francisco. Which I did a better job of documenting on Instagram!! Especially with the Stories feature! I never used or understood how/why to use Snapchat. So now I see the allure. I’ve been sharing funny books, my thrifting expeditions, more interesting but not as photogenic San Francisco homes, music I’m listening to on my workouts, etc!

Thrift Eye

I want to be connected here more on this, my 11th year of blogging!!