Beauty routine

It’s been a good while since I’ve done a makeup/beauty post!

In the last two years, I’ve done a bigger revamping of my morning and night routine. I used to just slather on jojoba oil on my face day and night, that was it. But I realized that I couldn’t just do that anymore (if the puffy circles under my eyes were any indication.)

While I still use the jojoba oil every single morning, it’s everything that I do after and up until bedtime that’s a little different. I try to make sure I wear sunscreen every morning, this one by MD Solar Sciences is awesome! It came as a tiny sample in my Birchbox a while back and I loved it. It has a mineral feel to it, not oily like other sunscreens, so it feels great on your face. The best thing I can say, is that I once accidentally smudged a BIG dollop in my eye and if you’ve ever worn sunscreen, I was ready for pain. But…I don’t know how this happened, it didn’t hurt. That alone sold me forever!

I’ve switched away from wearing blush on my face to this liquid stuff. I’ve realized it lasts longer! I have a tiny sample of the Benefit stuff above, but I also use this Korean Peri tint stuff.

I take showers at night, so I use coconut oil from the grocery store on my body and hair! Smells great and cheap! Works better than lotion or other hair stuff, I’ve found. To get my makeup off, I wash my face with this other Korean brand The Face Shop (I use their CC cream as foundation) ricewater oil cleanser – the oil base washes all makeup traces perfectly. Once every few weeks I put on this Malin + Goetz clay mask – let it dry and when you wash it off, the tiny clay beads exfoliate your face. I just switched over from the Tsubaki oil drops to Rosehip Oil. They both have similar night hydrating results, but the rosehip oil smells strong (in case you have a sensitive nose.) Every other night I boost my night oil with Paula’s Choice serum drops. And if my skin feels extra thirsty (which it has ALL winter!) I put on this H20 night cream.

Sounds like a long routine, but it’s not. But, most of my routine is oil based. I believe in oils to keep your skin healthy and hydrated – just know that this may not work for everyone. Questions?! Let me know!