Made in USA Monday

Because I’m flexing my fingers (and brain) to challenge myself to write more and get into blogging regularly again, I’d had this idea brewing over some time to create some short posts about within my larger Made in USA theme. Of which, has sadly taken a backseat on this blog, but still VERY important to me in real life. A bigger post will be coming soon about my observations over the years, my accomplishments and failures, and current state of fashion.

In the meantime, I’ll also be doing these smaller themed Made in USA Monday posts! So I’ve kind of been enjoying the jumpsuit look. I’ve recently purchased another one and I’m shockingly into the look and seeing other people wearing them! I may get another…but if I did, I want to make sure it’s something I can layer easily so as to not crash into the overly trendy zone. Which typically ends in falling out of fashion too quickly. I want something classic that I can wear for a long time. These four jumpsuits caught my eye! Best part, they’re Made in the USA!