Made in USA Monday

Welcome to Made in USA Monday’s – where I’ll be exploring trends that caught my eye in small doses, but supporting sustainability and Made in USA!

I did the BIGGEST load of laundry ever this weekend. It made me realize one thing – I own several what could be considered “luxury” tees and tanks and…I hate them. Many years ago, I was able to buy several Alexander Wang T’s at a very discounted price. I own 4 different ones and guess what? They suck. They’re just poorly made and after many wears and washes, they basically turn into these wide shirts that shrink. So it looks like you’re wearing a box. All these shirts have been banished to pajamas now. I would hate to be that person that paid full price for these tops. If you asked m, is buying these really expensive shirts worth your money? I would definitely say no, a very large no!

What has held up though? My moderately priced Made in USA tees! I feel like they’re such great investment pieces. They’re more expensive than you’d want to pay for something on the high street shops, but those fall apart immediately. And I can see that the really expensive ones aren’t worth it in the long run either! Spend a little bit more, but not too much, and you’ll end up with some pieces that will live in your closet forever! (or just about) and won’t end up in the shame pile.