Made in USA Monday

Welcome to Made in USA Mondays – where I’ll be exploring trends that caught my eye in small doses, but supporting sustainability and Made in USA!

As this post is being published, I’m on my way back home from a very long week driving up and down California! One of my stops was in Palm Springs – you may find it funny that the one thing I forgot to pack for this trip was a bathing suit! Ooof…I had to make a quick stop at my sister’s house to borrow one before I drove to PS. Lucky for me she had one that was recently purchased for me to borrow. The suit was a low plunging one-piece with lots of straps and I really liked it! It now has me dreaming of other one-piece suits. Luckily, there is actually a very large industry of making bathing suits in the USA to choose from. I’ll post my bathing suit photos soon enough so you can see the one I wore!