Shopping responsibly and consciously links

Links posts are a dedicated space here for a roundup of links (that don’t fall into my normal post categories) that are sharing information about Made in USA, and as the title mentions, shopping responsibly and consciously.

This is me trying on the satin jumpsuit I regret not buying at the thrift store AND then I remember it had stains and I feel better 🙂
Thrift Eye

Put Your Credit Card Away & Try These 7 “Shop Your Stash” Tricks Instead
The trick is to learn how to shop your own closet so you can curb your cravings and spend less.

American Apparel was the original brand for the perfect basics from literally every category, and in every color imaginable… but it was never boring. Their basics were just the beginning. Their (at times) raunchy and (always) sexy ad campaigns made hipsters mainstream — and uncomfortably seductive as a new “real”, less skinny idea of the model emerged.

Is this why your Zara shopping habit drops off when you reach 30?
The company studied social engagement to assess how women feel about the Inditex-owned brand and found that engagement is at a high between ages 23 and 27. By the age of 33, engagement is rock bottom (around 1%).

Thrift Store Hauls
A subreddit for people to post all the stuff they find at Thrift Stores. Some are really random or strange, but some people share really awesome things they find!

Here are 5 (of many) reasons I no longer shop at Urban Outfitters. Hopefully you’ll join me.
People like to shop at places with cool stuff. And for that mildly obvious reason, Urban Outfitters’ popularity makes sense. But how many fans of Urban Outfitters would continue their patronage if they found that behind the scenes, the company was the stark opposite of cool?