I don’t know what to say

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I started this little blog when I lived in Las Vegas. It was my home sweet home for five years. I started this blog there because I felt lost in a world where it was difficult to find friends and I was trying to find a career that fit me. I found blogging and I was able to build a tiny community of it, and it helped me appreciate and LOVE living in Las Vegas. So I’m still in a staggered sense of shock to have heard the devastating news about the massacre that happened at that concert and Mandalay Bay. I USED TO WORK AT MANDALAY BAY! Back in the beginnings of this blog, I had also started working at (the now shuttered) Fornarina store, and it was helping me explore global fashion. I spent countless hours and evenings at the Mandalay Bay with locals and tourists. I don’t know where I’m going here with this. I’m sad. I’m mad. I wish this wasn’t the reality we live in. I’m grateful that none of my friends were injured, but so many other people were and that’s nothing to be grateful about.

I had just returned from Mexico and I was feeling invigorated to blog again, and then the hurricanes happened. Then the earthquakes happened. And now this shooting has happened. As I type this, homes are being burnt to the ground less than 50 miles from me in Sonoma/Napa counties! Something else will happen again. I don’t want anyone thinking because I don’t address these things frequently on my blog or social media, that I don’t think about them. They weigh heavily on me. I will be searching for some places to make donations to this week and hope you all can too if it is something you can afford.

  • I hear you. It’s a struggle to think about anything but and then grapple with the thoughts of guilt for trying to talk about anything else. Sometimes my mind needs to shut off – it’s a privilege that it can (sometimes – there’s plenty that’s still active as a woman but that’s just one experience out of many).