Winter is coming – so is a big sale

I have no shame anymore, after living in San Francisco for 7 years, admitting that I get cold easily. I take a jacket EVERYWHERE! So as every Winter approaches, I take time to analyze the coats I’ve been wearing and those I have not. Some don’t fit anymore, some have gone out of style, some are just so worn after a winters wear, that they really aren’t good to wear another year!

So I was daydreaming over at Shopbop the other day when I got the good news that a sale is starting! This retailer is one of the few sponsors I do accept because of their commitment to carry, feature, and mention brands that are made in the USA – unlike a vast majority of e-retailers, that do not mark where the clothing they sell is made, nor what country they came from. Which is why you see something marked as “imported” on other websites. That’s unacceptable and lazy! So I will sing the praises of Shopbop any day :) And look at all these awesome coats I found – just a few of the many! Outerwear that is made in the USA is more difficult to find than clothing (but probably easier that Made in USA shoes) because of the materials used. But this is good too because it means that while more expensive, most items are made of greater quality cotton and wool! Instead of synthetic polyesters. 

These tiered sales are just amazing, take full advantage of building of your Winter wardrobe!!