Hello March

I had this idea of a simple way for me to catch up with you guys, as I get all my regular posting back in order. I want to post something like this at the beginning of each month! So I was determined to do this today, even as the clock was ticking and all programs on my computer decided to freeze! I still did it!


I randomly came across this book when someone else suggested it. And boy, was it surely the strangest book I have read in a good long time!

I’ve been craving new music, but kinda lost on what to listen to right now. So as I’ve been driving around, I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I’ve been enjoying our local jazz radio station!

The Bay Area is eons behind in this match craze. I can only get my fix at certain places.

Since going to Mexico in December (the last time I felt warm) I have wanted to plan another vacation. I’m torn between something fun like NYC or something adventurous and far like Barcelona!

In non-stop rotation – every single pair of black boots in my closet. Because A) Rain B) Cold C) Rain & Cold. I can’t seem to get dressed up or want to ruin my other shoes.

Care to share any of your current cravings too?