This old house again

Many moons ago, I dreamed of a project in which I could wear my designs. I don’t know why, but I had imagined (and I have a very vivid image in my head from that Eureka moment) where someone (me) would wear a t-shirt tucked into their pants, and their top half showed a design from a Victorian San Francisco house. I wanted to make this happen. Then I did. Then I wore it. And I have been wearing it. Probably not as much as I should. Then I got caught up in other things and never really told anyone. Oops!

I’m currently having all the designs and materials hosted through Society 6. Because they manage the printing and design components. They turn my uploaded images into other products too, even though my overall goal was for apparel! I’ve bought this shirt and I really love it. I need to get one of the other designs ASAP because I can’t keep wearing this one on rotation. It’s really fun to have people point at your shirt and ask where it came from, and then be able to respond that I made it!

Here is a link to my Society6 store and a link here to all my Society6 shirts!

Item From Made in… BUY
 San Francisco T-shirt  Society6  Mexico  HERE
 Cheap Monday jeans thrifted  Bangladesh  –
 Swedish Hasbeens clogs  Romania  HERE
 Casio watch flea market  China HERE

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

I can’t remember why I was experiencing so much resting bitch face in these photos, haha!