Hello July

What the heck! I’ve already told you all about my blogging woes and the website breaking! Well…in the process to fix it, it sort of broke AGAIN. All my links converted to a different format and that meant I had to fix 12 years of broken or changed links. PHEW! That’s all behind me now but I missed posting for June in trade. But it’s a new month and the year is half way over?!

Thrift Eye, things I like

At the suggestion of a library patron, I started reading The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez. A story about his family leaving their home in Mexico to work in the California fields in depression era USA. While classified as fiction, it is based on his real life. It is a harrowing story of the struggles immigrants faced back then. It gives a perspective of what immigrants go through now. My parents are both immigrants from a nearby area the author emigrated from, so it is particularly touching to me! Furthermore, I’m challenging myself even more because I’m reading it in Spanish this time!

I’ve been listening to online radio station SomaFM for YEARS! I’m paricularly fond of listening to the Groove Salad station while working because it’s soothing. It’s a curated online station so you can’t skip ahead if you don’t like a song. I kind of like that some days because I can just let it play. The funny thing is, I’ve been listening to the station since I lived in Las Vegas and the company is based out of San Francisco! (where I live now)

My coworkers and I have been freaking out about how delicious dried mango is. Do yourself a favor and try it. Fresh mango is better of course but this stuff hits the spot in the snacks department.

I’m about to start walking to work soon (instead of taking a congested and annoying bus) so I’m looking for a slip on sneaker. This sough out shoe has to be comfortable to walk and that I can change easily out of when I get to work and put on my real shoes. I hate admitting that I’m kind of drawn to the style that looks like a sock attached to a sneaker heel! I feel kind of ashamed about that (because I HATE the chunky ugly sneaker trend) so I need to find a happy medium shoe!

Soon I’ll be sharing some photos of my trip to the SF Everlane store and me mulling over buying some pants there. And then I went ahead and bought them recently. The wide crop pant is my antidote to skinnyjeans.