Matching dresses

I never really understood people that went crazy over buying the same item in different colors – I’ve always wanted to incorporate as much variety into my wardrobe – in brands, eras, styles, and colors. That is until I found the sister dress to one of my favorite dresses ever! This Richard Chai for Target … Continue reading Matching dresses

What to wear to weddings

Wedding season is here in full effect, and shortly I will be going to two weddings one week apart (and possibly another in August). I’m feeling a bit confused about what to wear to these weddings because one is in the Bay Area where it will most likely be gloomy and/or chilly and the other … Continue reading What to wear to weddings

Collaborations: the best of the best

I’m going to start by saying that many many years ago, I still remember reading a news about Mossimo Giannulli joining forces with Target and being a little shocked. (This was way back in 2001, read part of the article HERE by the LA Times). By then, what we know as clothing collaborations now, were … Continue reading Collaborations: the best of the best

That Girl

Why can’t every month in Las Vegas be like October? The weather IS perfect! I can say that I paid barely no attention to the fashion weeks that just went by…it’s just not my thing to oooh and aaah over things I can’t buy (I’d rather see it later on and try to make it … Continue reading That Girl