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I am Eli (pronounced like Ellie) and I began Thrift Eye in 2006 to keep note of things I found while on my thrifting escapades – but soon found myself documenting outfits and my wardrobe because of heavy influences from fashion blogs that were popping up around that time. Most notably Susie from Style Bubble and Agathe from the now long defunct Style Bytes.

My blog has since evolved into a personal catalog of outfits, people/places/things that inspire me, certain book or literary things (I am a Librarian!), as well as an outlet for my photography. I still like to keep it very thrifty – my wardrobe mantra is about mixing high/low and new/old pieces. I also am on a personal journey to discover, learn, and explore the fashion world of shopping, making, and buying clothing Made in the USA. including the sustainability of the fashion industry.

As of 2011, I live in San Francisco California. Born and raised in Southern California. I lived in Las Vegas Nevada for five years when I began my blog, until I decided to try something new and move to San Francisco at the end of 2010. So there will be lots of past posts related to Las Vegas – you will see past posts cycle between Las Vegas, Southern and Northern California. My parents are both from Mexico – so you will see posts here and there as well as many references to my Mexican heritage (I am also fluent in Spanish).

All pictures are taken by myself using a Canon 7D.

Please feel free to email me {eli at thrifteye dot com} if you have any questions or comments.

Gifts will always be disclosed on Thrift Eye

Some of my outfit posts may include affiliate links. I work with a third party (In my case Shopsense) and they compensate me for directing you towards some of the items. None of which comes at an expense or increase of price to you.

As a librarian, I do not represent nor speak for my current or past employers. All library and professional opinions are my own.

Privacy Policy
Information shared on this blog is not shared with third parties nor stored (unless a giveaway or raffle requires an email contact).

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on April 19th, 2018. If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly.

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