Book covers into fashion 6

If you’re new to this covers into fashion series, you can catch up with the others HERE.

And you’re bound to be new to this series if you’re new to my blog, because I haven’t had a chance to make one of these posts in almost 2 damn years!! What happened?! My sincere apologies, because I definitely haven’t stopped reading!

In this series, instead of creating a collage inspired by the characters of the book like my  Books into Fashion series – I create collages inspired by the covers themselves! I read Mindy Kaling’s book a good while back and always loved that she was the star of her book cover – it really gained steam during the time comedian biographies were gaining popularity.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

And more recently, I finally picked up Chery Strayed’s WILD on a whim to read it after soooo long. I actually loved it, and found it more inspiring than something like Lean In…I find the cover pretty hilarious because the damn boots she wore were such pains throughout the whole story!


I hope to resurrect all my book series, gotta keep reading as much as I can.

Bay watch: weekend wardrobe

I’m an opposite person, I love to dress up on weekends because I can be so casual on the weekdays sometimes. When I’m casual on the weekends, I feel like I’m on an alternate universe (which I’m realizing is called Earth, and I’M the alien!) My weekends have been full of exploring the Bay (farmers markets! craft shows! ice cream!) and visiting museums in between chilling at the park.

I was pretty bummed coming back from vacation because NYC seemed so alive. San Francisco has been weird lately in case you haven’t heard mentions of skyrocketing rents and the social issues that arise from it (like homelessness and drug use.) I feel very lucky and privileged to enjoy the things I get, I try to enjoy every minute of my life with gratitude! Well, that conversation took an odd turn. And so, here is my bizarro outfit where I fit in with everyone else! I’m loving my new little espadrilles, they walked me all over NYC too! Super comfy. So while this isn’t a typical outfit for me, I was running around all over the city and being casual was essential for the long trek I was on.

Item From Made in… BUY
old Alexander Wang tee China
Cheap Monday jeans thrifted Bangladesh
Kaanas espadrilles Colombia HERE
vintage RayBan Wayfarers thrifted USA HERE

Thrift Eye, style blogger, San Franscico style

Thrift Eye, style blogger, San Franscico style

Remix: museum

Funny enough, I’ve done a Remix post about the things I’ve worn to museums. Considering my last few posts were big museum visits, I thought I’d make another Remix post about fashionable museum visits of the past! While not the typical types of posts I like to share here, I am a true and dedicated museum lover. I’m currently a member to three different museums in San Francisco and I hope you share my passion for arts in all forms. I love that art just so happens to be fashion some times!

Per usual with these remix posts, click on the image to see the original post!

Oscar De La Renta at the DeYoung
Oscar de la Renta DeYoung Museum

High Style at the Legion of Honor
High Style at the Legion of Honor San Francisco

Keith Haring at the DeYoung
Keith Haring The Political Line

Magic, Color, Flair of Mary Blair at the Walt Disney Family Museum
MAGIC, COLOR, FLAIR: the world of Mary Blair at the Walt Disney Family Museum

From one of my earlier visits at the DeYoung after moving there and going to see their Balenciaga exhibit, of which NO pictures were allowed. This would happen to me again a year later with the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit!
De Young Museum @ Golden Gate park

Uniformity: Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology

Back in NYC one more time, to share a little bit of this interesting free fashion museum at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) called Uniformity. I’ve never been a fan of uniforms, maybe because I enjoy the freedom of expression fashion allows. This exhibit focuses solely on the fashion created through uniforms! It was quite interesting to realize how prevalent uniforms actually are. From distinguishing teams, jobs, schools, rankings, affiliations, etc. there are SO many reasons to wear uniforms.

And then uniforms bleed into the fashion world – because when you really start paying attention, you will see nods to uniforms on the modern runway! One of the exhibits was a side by side comparison of a vintage Chanel suit and a military suit, it was difficult to tell the difference between the two. It kind of blew my mind! I hope you enjoy these pictures.

A military print turns high fashion
Uniformity: museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology

A old timey sailing inspired uniform next to what I think was an Oscar de la Renta dress, which included a fancy silk bow!
Uniformity: museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology

Aforementioned military uniform with Chanel suit
Uniformity: museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology

Two army jackets become fashionable when worn with other pieces.
Uniformity: museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology

A modern Moschino runway piece and a 1970’s McDonalds employee uniform, interesting juxtaposition huh!
Uniformity: museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology

A dapper vintage child’s suit with a Thom Browne suit
Uniformity: museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology

This Japanese school uniform stands next to a vintage Rudi Gernreich vintage piece.
Uniformity: museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology

It was so cool to see the 1920’s football uniform (seen in the middle) next to a 1960’s vintage uniform inspired sequin dress (on left) and a strange uniform/tropical/grunge outfit (on right) all together from similar influences.
Uniformity: museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology

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