A vintage skirt

Being a collector of clothing (I’m going to start referring to myself as that from now on, heh) I tend to stow things away in one closet, then find them ages later having totally forgotten about them. And the urge to clean and organize comes in HUGE spurts for me. I’ll just go ahead and redo a whole area and clean it up so much, I don’t have to worry about it for months. And then…then in those things hidden, I find something that catches my eye.

Like this skirt, I bought it with the intentions to sell it, because it didn’t fit me. I knew I could find it a loving home in all its vintage glory. And by the time I rediscovered it, I’d gotten into such good shape from running that it fit ME! I love it so much right now.

Item From Made in…
James Perse turtleneck thrifted Peru
Pierre Cardin vintage skirt thrifted France
Sam Edelman Lola shoes Shopbop.com China
gold hoop earrings sister ?
L’oreal infallible 215 lipstick Walgreens USA
Spanx tights Shopbop.com Honduras

Thrift Eye, San Francisco style, vintage skirt, Pierre Cardin skirt, Sam Edelman Lola

Thrift Eye, San Francisco style, vintage skirt, Pierre Cardin skirt, Sam Edelman Lola

Thrift Eye, San Francisco style, vintage skirt, Pierre Cardin skirt, Sam Edelman Lola

On repeat

The coincidence of posting this outfit in it’s almost entire repetition, exactly a year later, is pretty hilarious. But I love that it shows I’m sticking to embracing the commitment to my wardrobe and slow fashion. The same concept as before lies true – I try to make the most of wearing my Summer dresses in the cold weather months (which happens even during the “summer” in San Francisco.) This is always remedied by layering, especially with turtlenecks!

My new little black shoes¬†are also my FAVORITE shoes of the last few months. They just can’t seem to make an appearance here, for the outfits I take photos for, sadly. But I love them so much. I hate that I’ve had to not wear them for several weeks because I don’t want to ruin them in the rain (but I’d rather keep them as nice as possible for as long as possible!) I still love this dress SO much. I need to find another colorful way of wearing it besides paired with black. When I wear it, the colorful stripes make people stop me to say they love this dress. I just honestly love it because it has pockets!!

Item From Made in… BUY
Uniqlo top Uniqlo.com China HERE
Sonia Rykiel dress thrifted Portugal
Spanx tights Nordstrom.com Honduras HERE
Sam Edelman shoes Shopbop.com China HERE
Shashi earrings Shopbop.com USA
Shashi ring Shopbop.com USA  HERE

Thrift Eye, San Francisco style, Sonia Rykiel striped dress, layering outfit

Thrift Eye, San Francisco style, Sonia Rykiel striped dress, layering outfit

Remix: Uniqlo Heattech

I have some older pictures to show here that are of fairer weather and it feels strange sharing them when it’s so cold and rainy! I haven’t been able to take any outfit photos because of the weather and my go-to backyard spot has been in remodel mode until last week!

But as the last outfit shows, and the inspiration of my remix posts, my small collection of Uniqlo Heattech tops have been in heavy rotation to save me from the rain and cold. They’re great for layering because they’re so thin, but still warm enough! I just *sigh* wish it wasn’t made in China. So I keep wearing the ones I bought a long time ago. I’ll have to replace them second hand soon.

Per usual with these remix posts, click on the image to see the original post

Black top with navy pants – shouldn’t work together but it does! I need new navy pants cause those don’t fit me anymore.
Thrift Eye

With a yellow wool skirt! I really want to wear this again but always feel a little self conscious with such a mini-mini skirt.
Thrift Eye

Black top and green skirt, a favorite outfit combo as you’ll see
Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Little Red Beret

I made a mistake a few years ago. I stupidly donated my red beret thinking I’d never wear one again. Why?! Don’t even ask me, I can’t remember. But here I am sitting years later, early this month kicking myself because I REALLY needed one again. I should know better than to get rid of wardrobe staples and basics…I’ll eventually want to wear them again.

Then I had to hunt for one all over again and was met with that magic situation where, when you want something, it’s impossible to find! But I was able to find my little hat and I’m a happy camper again. It came in handy for this bitter cold and rainy weather we’ve been having. Especially on days I know the rain and humidity will turn my hair into a big ball of frizz. It’s easy to put on a bright hat and feel more cheerful (even though this weather mixed with the current state of our nation is enough to make me want to stay at home forever!)

Item From Made in… BUY
vintage beret thrifted USA
J. Crew pea coat thrifted China HERE
Uniqlo top uniqlo.com China HERE
J Brand jeans thrifted USA
Miista boots thrifted Spain HERE
L’Oreal Infallible 211 red target.com HERE

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye