Forget about winter – let’s rewind to the summer

It's cold everywhere, and I just got my hands on these photos from the summer, so I'm defying reason and posting these pictures instead to remind me of warmer times :) As a child, I once saw an episode of Reading Rainbow that was about oceans and more importantly, otters. I spent most of my … Continue reading Forget about winter – let’s rewind to the summer

The Miu Miu copy cat

While withdrawing some really old books at work the other day, I was stopped in my tracks when I saw the inside lining pages of this book and found a very surprising set of illustrations. Note, this book is from 1991 The illustrations are credited to a Dan Wright, I actually tried to contact him … Continue reading The Miu Miu copy cat

Summer lovin

Loving the summer heat (but not "lovin" how grainy and faded these photos came out, sorry). I haven't had a chance to wear this dress in ages, because honestly, I don't ever get a chance to wear anything like this in San Francisco. Being in Southern California and in melt your face off weather, this … Continue reading Summer lovin

The silvery details

So in a rush to get ready for a kids party, I had to change out of my original top and throw on a much lighter shirt before heading out, only to realize then that most of my outfit was from J.Crew (granted thrifted!). I think a lot of people out there hate those folks … Continue reading The silvery details