Stanley Kubrick exhibit at Contemporary Jewish Museum

If you haven't figured it out by now, I LOVE museums. Especially when they have exhibits with fashion elements. I didn't know what to expect from seeing the Stanley Kubrick exhibit that's been traveling, now visiting San Francisco at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. I thought it would of course be very film-centric, which it was … Continue reading Stanley Kubrick exhibit at Contemporary Jewish Museum

The Huntington

I recently was able to visit the Huntington Museum and Gardens for the first time in my life. I was blown away by the beauty of its grounds and exhibitions. As a dedicated museum lover, it made me wish it was the kind of place I was closer to. Part garden, part museum - it's … Continue reading The Huntington

Yin and Yang

I love a balanced outfit - whether it's through the colors, proportions, fabrics, etc. I feel good when an outfit just seems to balance itself out. And this is exactly how I felt about this particular outfit. I love the proportions, contrasts AND compliments of the black and white, but also the polka dots! Wearing … Continue reading Yin and Yang

Beauty: Cooper Hewitt Museum

I was given a tip to see the Cooper Hewitt museum on my trip to NYC. It's not a very large museum, but designed focus and kind of a hidden gem! It was absolutely beautiful inside and out, I was kind of in awe - as it previously was a home! Started out as a … Continue reading Beauty: Cooper Hewitt Museum