Get off of my cloud

Something about this new short hairdo and my now shorter bangs (hello world, I can see you again!) PLUS the fact that I broke my old sun glasses at the river last weekend, forcing me to rediscover my old Raybans, gives me the urge to dress with a bit more of an old school feel! … Continue reading Get off of my cloud

A new ‘do

I recently re-saw a picture of myself when I had a short, chin length bob haircut a few years back and it got me thinking about the changes my hair (and everyone else's hair) has gone through. I've had this thing since about high school where I've let my hair grow super long, then I … Continue reading A new ‘do

Stripes and dots

I have a problem. When ever I wear something dotty (or something black and white), I immediately run to put this sweater onĀ . And now, what perfect thing to wear it with! A dotty dress my mom made for me recently after I showed her a dotty dress at Jcrew. Sweater: Forever 21, borrowed from … Continue reading Stripes and dots

Drugstore lipstick love: summer on your lips

It's been a while since I've done a makeup post, and as the summer has approached, I thought this would be the perfect time to. (You can see my few other makeup posts HERE). What I've had on my mind (I guess you can say on my mouth) are bright lipsticks that give a great … Continue reading Drugstore lipstick love: summer on your lips