Spotlight On: Enza Costa

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A few months ago I bought a very beautiful and delicate silk top that I’ve worn for work, it’s by Enza Costa. It’s just so eye catching, I’ll have to take a picture wearing it soon. I instantly knew I would have to feature her on one of my Made in USA spotlight posts! The brand seems to focus on making quality pieces (both basics and special items) out of really fine fabrics. Their About page states

Designed to transform everyday basics into luxury essentials, Enza Costa’s unique brand of minimalist, modern clothing is crafted with featherweight blends of sumptuous supima cotton, cashmere and silk.
Enza Costa’s visionary and illusory style accentuates the silhouette with cool formalism and casual expression. The classic line is guided by transparency, layering, femininity and sensuality.

Established in 2007, designer Enza Costa set out to create the perfect T-shirt; one that was impeccably cut, made from the most touchable fabrics, with great attention to detail. Her first collection became a cult favorite and caught the eye of the most discerning stores worldwide. Since then, Enza Costa has evolved into a full range that is built around effortlessly chic, never-take-off essentials: silk blend t-shirts, gauzy cashmere knits and gossamer tanks. Each piece of Enza Costa is handmade in Los Angeles with the finest fabrics from Italy, Japan and California. Enza Costa is sold around the globe.






Photos from the Enza Costa Facebook, shot by Carolina Palmgren

Well, I’m sold! This lookbook is a little bit old, but the idea and thought behind the clothing is the same. You can’t shop their website, but Shopbop is one of their online stockists and carries quite a bit! Can’t wait to one day bring a little more of the brand into my closet.

True cost of fashion

Im mad, and really upset. I’ve tried so hard the last year to make some big strides in reconstructing my wardrobe, and continuing to learn what really happens when our clothes are made. I stripped my entire wardrobe of anything from Forever 21 (I donated it all), and have kept my promise that when I buy new clothing, it will only be US made. Then I read something like this, Forever 21 will be opening more stores with cheaper clothes, and I think how?? WHY??

These F12 Red stores, as they’re calling them, will focus on selling the cheapest basics already carried at Forever 21 in one separate store. It just seems they’re going the absolute opposite way. A few of the comments on that post were so cringe worthy too -

“Regular F21 shoppers like myself understand that these aren’t items made to last a lifetime–they’re fad items for a reason…Seriously, I love this company. It’s impressively on-trend (like, right there with the designers…) and I’ve gotten some amazing pieces from the store. Long live F21!!!”


“I love F21 but some of their stuff is way over priced”

It just proves how unaware people are at the severity of this issue

This video is almost a year old, but still rings so true.

The video is absolutely right in saying there is a complete disconnect between how the item is made and the consumer. It’s an unsustainable business model, and completely irresponsible. I wasn’t going to publish this post at first…for many reasons – I’m not perfect, I don’t have a solution for everyone, and it’s hard to write and read such words on a blog. But you know what, people are dying to make stupid fucking tshirts and we want to pretend like nothing is going on?

I’d love to hear your guys’ opinions on this – good and bad. It’s a conversation we need to start having more.


Spotlight on: Marine Layer

Move over American Apparel, Marine Layer is the new kid in town making waves. You may be familiar with this image below, it’s the head image at my Shop Made in the USA page, and makes a subtle but important statement. So I knew Marine Layer would be the perfect brand to feature in my next Spotlight series, where I feature great brands manufacturing in the USA.

I love the short and sweet story on their website

Everyone has a few perfect shirts. The ones that fit you just right; broken in over years of washing.


…that was perfectly soft and great fitting right out of the gates. It took a couple of big credit card bills and over a year of development to make the first run of shirts, but they were worth the wait.Mike set up “shop” in his living room in San Francisco and sold the first hundred shirts in just a few weeks.

Mike set up “shop” in his living room in San Francisco and sold the first hundred shirts in just a few weeks. Every step of our production process happens in California. This minimizes our environmental footprint and supports three American factories that have been in business for over 25 years.

Our custom fabric is a blend of two yarns, Pima Cotton and MicroModal, produced by Lensiz AG. Modal is a bio-based fabric that comes from recycled Beech Wood

In a perfect world, couldn’t all brands envision themselves like that? It’s SO bizarre that they don’t already (because for most, it’s not a labor of love, but of money).

I’m lucky to have discovered the brand a year ago when I was researching brands that are Made in the USA, but also because we have a store here in San Francisco (where they’re still centralized!). But I see they are growing, so lets support small brands like these that are making strides! I’m saving up to bring home an awesome coat I saw in their store! But also have an eye on their crazy soft tshirts and cute button up shirts (PLUS, it’s not just women’s clothes, LOTS of things for men too!)

Marine Layer clothing Marine Layer clothing Marine Layer clothing Marine Layer clothing Marine Layer clothing

Let’s show Marine Layer some love :)

Journey of a dress

I’ve had some incredible luck over the years finding some great Diane Von Furstenberg clothes (from sales, second-hand, to thrifting!). She was recently recognized for her achievements via a museum exhibition honoring her work as a designer – for revolutionizing women’s wear and making the wrap dress a wardrobe staple. I’m so incredibly lucky to have gotten this wrap dress recently. I’m perfectly convinced that you don’t have to wear a short dress to feel sexy. Date night never looked this good :)

Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg (here’s one for sale on eBay). Shoes: YSL (from flea market, yes, a flea market. Ebay to the rescue again). Lipstick: NARS Red Square, my new favorite red!

Thrift Eye, fashion blog, style blog, diane von furstenberg star dress, dvf wrap dress, ysl tribute heels, nars red square

Thrift Eye, fashion blog, style blog, diane von furstenberg star dress, dvf wrap dress, ysl tribute heels, nars red square

Thrift Eye, fashion blog, style blog, diane von furstenberg star dress, dvf wrap dress, ysl tribute heels, nars red square

Spotlight on: Born Free

It’s been quite a bit since I’ve done on of my “Spotlight” series posts – which again is a series of posts featuring brands, both large and small, that have that have a mission to create fashionable things of great quality and are Made in the USA for men, women, and children too.

So when an email about Born Free Hit my inbox recently, I was very intrigued to check it out. Coming as a vision of the Shopbop team where they explain

“Shopbop joined forces with Born Free, (led by John Megrue), Anna Wintour and Diane von Furstenberg in conjunction with Amazon Fashion, MAC AIDS Fund and 22 leading women in fashion, in an effort to raise awareness and support for the elimination of mother-to-child HIV transmission. The 22 top designers who have contributed to the collection are mothers themselves and therefore, strongly connected to this initiative.”

At first I thought to myself, it sounds great, but where is it made?! And SO surprised to see a majority of the items are in fact made in the USA, even when some of the collaborating brands themselves don’t manufacture in the USA. This was also delightful to read “the entire collection, including clothing and accessories for women and children, is based on prints from Wangechi Mutu, a celebrated Kenyan-born New York- based visual artist.” How awesome is that?! Let’s bring more things like this to fruition!Shopbop born free Shopbop born free

Many of the grown up looks come with a child version as well! I love the idea of this.

I wish more stores and brands would undertake jobs of this size – this is what ethical fashion can look like! Any suggestions or recommendations on who you would like me to feature next?