Made in USA in regular retail

In my previous post, I showed you how you can shop Made in USA with second hand style, but you can also shop Made in USA in retail stores with mixed merchandise! It doesn’t just have to be bought online or through thrift stores! I went window shopping recently, and was pleasantly surprised to find so many things that fit the bill (more than I could take pictures of). So look for more features like this here; hopefully soon and ongoing.

The first store I stopped at was Steven Alan – they carry a lot of the S.A. brand obviously, which a lot of (but not all) is made in the USA, but also some other brands worthy of noting!

This pretty floral top has a nice silky feel to it, from the Steven Alan mainline
Thrift Eye, shopping made in USA, steven alan

Another Steven Alan mainline, the perfect long blouse for work or days off
Thrift Eye, shopping made in USA, steven alan

I’ve been on the hunt for a good peacoat, and this one by Fidelity sure caught my eye
Thrift Eye, shopping made in USA, steven alan

A short bus ride later, I found myself at Anthropologie browsing their racks. Surprise, not everything there is made in China! They do carry some USA manufactured items, you just have to look.

This interesting Nanette Lepore top would look great layered
Thrift Eye, shopping made in USA, anthropologie

This Corey Lynn Calter watercolor/polka dot dress is so beautiful.
Thrift Eye, shopping made in USA, anthropologie

Now I have this Dolan dress on my mind for workdays!
Thrift Eye, shopping made in USA, anthropologie

I wish some American brands would start bringing back some of their production to balance out the other stuff – Levi’s tries to do this, but wouldn’t it be great if a brand likethe Gap had a section in its store with some Made in the USA merchandise too?

The one that got away

When there is something I like, I remember it forever until it’s mine. So don’t find it odd that I’ve had this one specific dress in my mind since I saw it in 2008 – I usually don’t pine over things I see on the runway. BUT I could not get this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress out of my mind. I waited, and waited, and waited (for a good sale) until it went away and I never found it. I always had hope I’d see it again. And then I did while browsing the racks at Wasteland. I held onto the dress, walked around the store clutching it – like it was too good to be true, like someone would pull it from my hands and tell me it wasn’t for sale (fears that arise when you find something you really want – I think other thrifters can relate!)

But it fit, and it’s mine! Yahoo!

Dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs (if you search for Marc by Marc Jacobs Alessandra on ebay you can find several for sale). Tights: Kate Spade. Shoes: Rachel Comey. Earrings: Marc by Marc Jacobs. Lipstick: Bare Minerals. Watch: vintage Futura.

Thrift Eye, fashion blogger, marc by marc jacobs dress, marc by marc jacobs alessandra dress, marc jacobs bow dress, thrift blog, thrift style

Thrift Eye, fashion blogger, marc by marc jacobs dress, marc by marc jacobs alessandra dress, marc jacobs bow dress, thrift blog, thrift style

Thrift Eye, fashion blogger, marc by marc jacobs dress, marc by marc jacobs alessandra dress, marc jacobs bow dress, thrift blog, thrift style

Spotlight On: J Brand

You’ll be able to follow all of these spotlight posts here, but also keep up with my Made in the USA series here.

I am a dedicated follower to J Brand jeans! A few years ago, all of my denim decided to fall apart at the exact same time. I had been wearing jeans from a store I used to work at, because I had gotten them for free – but when I moved to San Francisco, they deteriorated at the same time, but also quickly went out of style. I had to replace all my denim in one swoop, but didn’t really know much about anything besides Levi’s!

I can no longer remember who did it, but I was pushed towards checking out J Brand. And the funny thing is, this is before I even knew they were made in the USA! Luckily, I have a few resale stores nearby, and was able to visit a Wasteland & Buffalo Exchange to find the right pair – I didn’t even know what size I was, so I didn’t want to risk buying the wrong size and dealing with online returns. I can now say, when you find a pair that fits, it’s very flattering and an easy style to keep coming back to.

j brand lookbook, made in the usa

j brand lookbook 3

j brand lookbook 2

j brand lookbook 1

j brand lookbook  4

Their About page is very clear about their practices – but still, even as a disclaimer, their denim is made in the USA, their mainline clothing for the most part is not. Save for an old hand me down pair of Gap jeans, my denim has exclusively been J Brand as of late. I’ve had some good luck finding them at good prices online, and thrift stores, and at resale stores!

A dress off the bucket list

There are just some things a woman who thrifts wants to find (I speak for myself clearly). I always dreamt that I would find a vintage Pucci dress, in all its 60′s swirly goodness. But I’ve never, ever, had the luck of finding anything. Like, even remotely close. I could find a new Herve Leger dress and Yves Saint Laurent heels, but yet I couldn’t find this one thing!

So when my sister called me, and asked if I wanted a Pucci dress, I was sure that it was either a) really expensive or b) she was joking. But here she was, handing me my one impossible find (thank you Diana!). It really is the perfect summer dress. Now I need a real vacation to use it! So that’s one more tick off the fashion bucket list!

Thrift Eye, fashion blogger, style blogger, vintage pucci, pucci dress

Thrift Eye, fashion blogger, style blogger, vintage pucci, pucci dress

Do you have that one fashion find that you hope to get one day?

Spotlight On: Enza Costa

You’ll be able to follow all of these spotlight posts here, but also keep up with my Made in the USA series here.

A few months ago I bought a very beautiful and delicate silk top that I’ve worn for work, it’s by Enza Costa. It’s just so eye catching, I’ll have to take a picture wearing it soon. I instantly knew I would have to feature her on one of my Made in USA spotlight posts! The brand seems to focus on making quality pieces (both basics and special items) out of really fine fabrics. Their About page states

Designed to transform everyday basics into luxury essentials, Enza Costa’s unique brand of minimalist, modern clothing is crafted with featherweight blends of sumptuous supima cotton, cashmere and silk.
Enza Costa’s visionary and illusory style accentuates the silhouette with cool formalism and casual expression. The classic line is guided by transparency, layering, femininity and sensuality.

Established in 2007, designer Enza Costa set out to create the perfect T-shirt; one that was impeccably cut, made from the most touchable fabrics, with great attention to detail. Her first collection became a cult favorite and caught the eye of the most discerning stores worldwide. Since then, Enza Costa has evolved into a full range that is built around effortlessly chic, never-take-off essentials: silk blend t-shirts, gauzy cashmere knits and gossamer tanks. Each piece of Enza Costa is handmade in Los Angeles with the finest fabrics from Italy, Japan and California. Enza Costa is sold around the globe.






Photos from the Enza Costa Facebook, shot by Carolina Palmgren

Well, I’m sold! This lookbook is a little bit old, but the idea and thought behind the clothing is the same. You can’t shop their website, but Shopbop is one of their online stockists and carries quite a bit! Can’t wait to one day bring a little more of the brand into my closet.