Those yellow pants

Remember on my last thrifting trip I told you I bought those insanely wrinkled yellow pants? Look what a little TLC can do! I saw the bright potential in these pants, and for inaugural wear....I was confused how to make it work. So I went fairly neutral, especially since the weather doesn't allow for something … Continue reading Those yellow pants

the Hemp dress

Since returning from Japan, I have actually had a different eye when thrifting - my attention immediately went to looking for natural fabrics that breathe, can be worn oversized, and drape rather than hugging curves. A very different aesthetic than what we're used to seeing in the West and what I normally would wear. And … Continue reading the Hemp dress

The old brand new

My wardrobe is a funny mix. I have a lot of things I call old brand new - old, but new to me. I'll also keep a few treasures hidden until they come around again, enough so that they're almost new again! I hate the term shopping your closet, but that's just what happens sometimes, … Continue reading The old brand new

Just a little fancy

When I began this blog and lived in Vegas, getting dressed for nightlife was a bigger part of my life (hence why I have an #OotN category as wells as a #OotD one). But living in San Francisco, those chances to dress up at night became fewer and fewer - and it's not that people … Continue reading Just a little fancy