Holiday dressing

Hello 2017! I love a good party, even more, dressing up for a good party! When I first started this blog, I had a dedicated tag for "outfit of the night" to compliment the ootd! But I just don't go out as much anymore...nothing like when I lived in Las Vegas! The weather has been … Continue reading Holiday dressing

For a warm commute

I have noticed this weird thing with my morning commute to work, especially now that it's been cold. I have a new route I take, which makes me ride a bus filled to the gills with people the duration of my ride (about 20 minutes spent standing like sardines in a can.) And it has … Continue reading For a warm commute


While I typically don't get political here (you can get more of that by following me on Twitter) I do want to acknowledge the awful attacks that have been going on around the world. It makes me angry, sad, confused, sorrowful for families suffering everywhere... On a lighter note, I went to visit my favorite … Continue reading Pussybow

A new palette

A few months back while on a thrifting expedition, I came across an interesting selection of items in colors I haven't been really considering - actual earthy tones. Once I had the things together in the fitting room, I could see they worked cohesively in an interesting palette. The outfit is bright and cheerful, even … Continue reading A new palette