Thrift Eye DIY: the boxy blouse

Wow, it has been about half a year since I last embarked on challenging myself to sew more and begin wearing clothes I made myself! As last seen here with my DIY raglan tee. I had gone to visit my parents a few months back and raided my mom's fabric closet to look for a … Continue reading Thrift Eye DIY: the boxy blouse

The perfect rain coat

I have the best luck thrifting, I am now the owner of an Everlane trench coat (which I had been eyeing on their site for a few months) but found at Buffalo Exchange. It came at the most perfect time, since we've had some non-stop rain the last two weeks. We sorely need it, so … Continue reading The perfect rain coat

Shades of green

Sooo...I owned (yes, past tense) only one black belt. Because why would you need more than one? And disappeared. I can't find it. I don't know if I lost it while traveling. Maybe I threw it away on accident. Something so simple as a belt can change an outfit. I'm not in a rush … Continue reading Shades of green