Marimekko style

I'm not sure how long ago it took me to realize this, it must have been after what felt like the 100th BIG BOX STORE and SMALL BRAND collaboration. I quickly realized I could find the real deal much cheaper most of the time. I'm fairly certain it was right after the Missoni x Target … Continue reading Marimekko style


I have been on a serious roll at the thrift store! And finding some awesome gems to add to my wardrobe in terms of both quality and adding COLOR! This is an outfit of pieces I found on the same thrift store visit, in different departments, but just seemed to work well together! I would … Continue reading Aqua

Pink and Red at work

Some days I'm really liking the very professional look at work (as observed here recently) - so much, that I laugh because I feel like I'm dressing up to go on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton :) I think this outfit comes down to two things instead - finding + investing in nicer things … Continue reading Pink and Red at work

Pink & Black

I will be honest - I had initially bought this dress many moons ago while on a thrifting expedition. BUT with the total intention to resell it, not to wear it. This is collateral from my days when I was working several part time jobs and reselling clothes on the side. Luckily those days are … Continue reading Pink & Black