In the tall grass

1. Hello California drought 2. A quick Saturday trip up north is my battery charger - stepping away from the hustle & bustle of the city is nice, makes me appreciate it all that more when I come back! I wish I could take longer trips up there, but alas! The laundry calls (along with … Continue reading In the tall grass

Pants of color

When your "pops of color" are your pants, does it even count as a pop anymore? Now that I'm back in the public library (as opposed to library behind the scenes), it is crucial to be comfortable when you're on your feet, up and down from the desk all day. Flats are my new best … Continue reading Pants of color

Matching dresses

I never really understood people that went crazy over buying the same item in different colors - I've always wanted to incorporate as much variety into my wardrobe - in brands, eras, styles, and colors. That is until I found the sister dress to one of my favorite dresses ever! This Richard Chai for Target … Continue reading Matching dresses