Pink and Red at work

Some days I'm really liking the very professional look at work (as observed here recently) - so much, that I laugh because I feel like I'm dressing up to go on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton :) I think this outfit comes down to two things instead - finding + investing in nicer things … Continue reading Pink and Red at work

Disneyland play

Sometimes you just got to unwind and enjoy yourself in a kiddy way, so we escaped to Disneyland for a little bit (although, the price tag isn't as enjoyable as of late). I found my most Minnie Mouse looking outfit, comfy shoes, finally got myself a little embroidered cap, and I was set! Only kids … Continue reading Disneyland play

The one that got away

When there is something I like, I remember it forever until it's mine. So don't find it odd that I've had this one specific dress in my mind since I saw it in 2008 - I usually don't pine over things I see on the runway. BUT I could not get this Marc by Marc … Continue reading The one that got away