Style on a dime

When I began my blog, I was all about that thrifting life - I still am, but my style has inevitably changed as I have gotten older and "wiser" with my money. Thus, the thrifty life doesn't have to exclusively exist within a thrift store. I have always been very proud of myself for being … Continue reading Style on a dime

Drugstore lipstick love: summer on your lips

It's been a while since I've done a makeup post, and as the summer has approached, I thought this would be the perfect time to. (You can see my few other makeup posts HERE). What I've had on my mind (I guess you can say on my mouth) are bright lipsticks that give a great … Continue reading Drugstore lipstick love: summer on your lips

The world of thrift: or why I go thrifting

Let me state the obvious here, my blog is called Thrift Eye. I used to thrift all the time, and I've refined it to about once a week if I can afford to and have time. I hope I'm not giving the impression to you guys that I'm one of those bloggers that's shopping all … Continue reading The world of thrift: or why I go thrifting

A Kate Spade DIY

In my continuous shopping tales of strange and unbelievable, I came across a great pair of Kate Spade shoes for an incredible price that could not be beat. Practically brand new, for five dollars (!!!) but with one catch, the decorative part of the shoe straight up was missing. Now, if you're familiar with Kate … Continue reading A Kate Spade DIY