A gloomy summer

Just when I think our summer may be turning a corner away from the fog, it comes right back to us - so much that I had to take these outfit photos indoors because my camera was going to blow away and the lens would not focus amidst the billowing fog. The grey and black … Continue reading A gloomy summer

with that 1920’s flair

Blame it on all that buzz about the new Great Gatsby movie, or the fact that my haircut had finally reached that really annoying in between phase (doubled when you have an asymmetrical haircut!), I knew it was time to go for it and just get that haircut! What's amazing is that because I have had this blog … Continue reading with that 1920’s flair

Spring Break

This past Spring Break was a true break for me. I brought my camera, but just couldn't find the patience to take photos while I was in Southern California. I spent 99% of it with my family and just wanted to enjoy being with them since now that I've finished school, this will probably be … Continue reading Spring Break

Put the needle on the record

A few months ago when I finally had time to plug in my record player after one long year of no music, nothing came out. The record player would just not work. I had listened to one of those as seen on tv CD compilations from the 70's and I really wanted to listen to my Carole … Continue reading Put the needle on the record