My mother’s vintage dresses

I spent almost half a month in Mexico over the Summer. It was an amazing getaway to disconnect from work, the internet, politics, news, and general stresses of life. It really gave me a whole new perspective of life privilege that I experience on a small and large scale living in the US (but I … Continue reading My mother’s vintage dresses

Little Blue Dress

So I've had this thing lately where I've REALLY enjoyed wearing navy blue and black together! And this particular outfit here has been my go-to outfit! I've worn this exact outfit so many times in the last few months, it's not even funny. The scalloped bits of this dress have me in love with it, … Continue reading Little Blue Dress

A coral crush

I learned a long time ago to not apologize for not posting - but holy whoa, I'm so sorry for not posting. It's as if time escaped through some vortex and now my life has been fast-forwarded a few months. How is it already March?! How is it almost April?! I've been super busy - … Continue reading A coral crush

On repeat

The coincidence of posting this outfit in it's almost entire repetition, exactly a year later, is pretty hilarious. But I love that it shows I'm sticking to embracing the commitment to my wardrobe and slow fashion. The same concept as before lies true - I try to make the most of wearing my Summer dresses … Continue reading On repeat