Holiday dressing

Hello 2017! I love a good party, even more, dressing up for a good party! When I first started this blog, I had a dedicated tag for "outfit of the night" to compliment the ootd! But I just don't go out as much anymore...nothing like when I lived in Las Vegas! The weather has been … Continue reading Holiday dressing

Because my sister wore it

Hi folks! This month has just been...ugh! I don't get into politics with others much, if ever, but the elections really had me on edge and just feeling overall saddened by the actions of many people. I had no mind to concentrate on any sort of blogging. This was just the cherry on the top … Continue reading Because my sister wore it

Midnight in a Perfect World

I feel cryptic repeating what I've recently read in another book, that there cannot be darkness without light. There needs to be this dichotomy to create¬†balance. I've also had THIS song on repeat (I think I've referenced it here before!) So the balance of this sunny day and the black outfit works for me. This … Continue reading Midnight in a Perfect World

The Huntington

I recently was able to visit the Huntington Museum and Gardens for the first time in my life. I was blown away by the beauty of its grounds and exhibitions. As a dedicated museum lover, it made me wish it was the kind of place I was closer to. Part garden, part museum - it's … Continue reading The Huntington