Donate stuff. Create jobs.

As a devoted Goodwill Industries lover, I’ve had many special moments while shopping there by myself, but also with family and friends. When I remember the afternoon I crooned to the oldies with an older employee there, it brings a smile to my face. So this just happens to be #GoodwillWeek with this short (and unpaid) message that when you donate to Goodwill and many other thrift stores, you are funding opportunities for many people to be employed or better prepared for the workforce.

Find your nearest Goodwill store HERE. The Goodwill about page states “Maximizing the value of your donations is important to us. In 2015, we used 85 percent of the revenue generated through your donated stuff to support and grow programs that result in significant social impact for your community members in need of work.” Their page that connects you to those job and career tools is HERE in case you know someone that may benefit from their services.

Spotlight on: Splendid

Since I have been so interested in exploring the Made in USA theme here on my blog – I thought it would only be appropriate to begin featuring brands, both large and small, that have that have a mission to create fashionable things of great quality and are Made in the USA for men, women, and children too.

I thought a great kick-off point would be to spotlight Splendid! They really have made a huge comeback the last few years, branching out from the t-shirts they were so known for. While they’re not 100% Made in the USA, I would say it looks like they’re about 80% (because they’ve branched out to shoes now too). Their parent company, VF Contemporary Brands states

“We work hard to ensure that every individual enjoys a clean, safe work environment, free from discrimination and harassment. We believe that workers at supplier facilities have the right to freely choose employment.  We support the right to fair compensation, the right to associate freely and bargain collectively. These and other rights are embodied in our Global Compliance Principles or GCP, established in 1997.”

And now they’ve just released this really cool Indigo dye collection (see all the pieces here or a few more here at Shopbop) “The combination of indigo dyed fabric and Splendid’s coveted knits was born by way of the brand’s natural surroundings. Through neighboring denim wash houses and rich ocean colors of its Los Angeles roots evolved new ways of thinking the color blue.”

Looks good to me!

Splendid clothing, splendid indigo dye collection, made in the usa

Splendid clothing, splendid indigo dye collection, made in the usa

Splendid clothing, splendid indigo dye collection, made in the usa

Splendid clothing, splendid indigo dye collection, made in the usa

Splendid clothing, splendid indigo dye collection, made in the usa

I hope you guys enjoy this, and hoping something good comes out of this new feature! :)

The mad scientist

The man sometimes behind the lens of many of my photos, Jorge, has been taking on some really fashionable and creative projects. His last shoot, Mad Scientist came out absolutely amazing and I asked him if I could share the pictures with you guys here

Model: Valderiz W
Styling: Roma Oeh & Dayne Arron
Make Up: Gary Nomura Febus
Photo: Jorge A. Novoa
Studio: BlueSky LightGrid

It was such an interesting theme and the set looks amazing!! I love the mix of gritty and grime with fashion.

Candice Huffine for SModa: all sizes can be sexy

I wanted to share this editorial I saw online the other day from Spanish magazine, S Moda. It features model Candice Huffine and the tagline under the cover says “Only recently has the fashion industry open its eyes that we are beautiful, sexy, and good models. Now the people need to see more.” I think Candice is stepping into the shoes that Crystal Renn left behind. She is mighty sexy!

(pictures via Fashion Gone Rogue)

I’ve had on my mind the whole concept of women of different sizes – curvy is beautiful. I wish it wasn’t always so black and white in magazines. Why does there exist a world that is either “model” sized or another world that is “plus” size? Will we see in our lifetimes the two worlds combine?