My sanctuary

Hope you had a nice weekend, I’m already gearing up for the next one! I took a nice long break because I got caught up between two separate out-of-towner guests and being generally exhausted from work like everyone else! I have had blogging on my mind quite a bit though – generally the state of it and my footprint in it. When I started my blog in 2006, I had no clue that I’d still be doing this and taking it in this direction. But I’m very happy about where this has all ended up and where it heading. Something I cannot say for others I see blogging out there, you can tell when people don’t like it anymore. The bigger you grow, the more pressure it all becomes. From both outside influences but also yourself. I feel pretty confident in doing my own damn thing now :)

One thing I am now forcing myself to do more is to pick up the real camera again, and start shooting non-blog photos. I’m finding pleasure in capturing shadows again. I kick myself for having fallen so reliant on my iPhone for photos, when I have this amazing camera to use. So when I saw the light hitting my living room so perfectly, I knew I had to take these photos. In the almost four years I have lived in this apartment, I have rearranged the furniture more times than I can now remember!

My living room is my happy place, as I’ve collected things that serve a purpose and have meaning. The couch used to belong to our good friends, who no longer had room for it. We gladly took this lovely thing into our home. I made the alphabet myself! It hangs as a memory that I can do anything I put my mind to it. The tree sat at my former job, dying from neglect until I saved it – I rescued it back to health and brought it home with me when I quit because I knew they wouldn’t take care of it! We recently had a friend move away to Africa, and while very sad about it, we bought this furry blanket from her at the yardsale she hosted to sell most of her life she wouldn’t be able to bring with her! It’s bittersweet. Oh, and my dream coffee table – I went three years without a coffee table while we lived in San Francisco because I saved up to buy this one!

Living Room Style, blue Chesterfield couch, cb2 peekaboo acrylic table, fiddle leaf fig ficus, alicia paulson daisychain abc, apartment style, san francisco apartment

Living Room Style, blue Chesterfield couch, cb2 peekaboo acrylic table, fiddle leaf fig ficus, alicia paulson daisychain abc, apartment style, san francisco apartment

Oh yeah, and my library books in the corner!

My home, my work in progress, my sanctuary. My blog is my home.

Bedroom tales

This dreamy corner is where I stay when I visit my parents: from the curtains, bedding, and the bed itself – it’s my favorite place to be. Sleeping, eating, tv watching, writing, nail painting, gossiping, internet browsing, blogging, reading books, etc. Makes me wish my bedroom at home wasn’t a little cave.

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Top: Trouve. Pants: mint jeans from Target. Headband: H&m from a few years ago.

My Q&A a day book has been traveling with me also. Each day has a different question, and five slots to answer in different years. The idea being that you keep filling it out, and as the years go by, you see how you answered the same question previous years.

Thank you Diana for being so generous in sharing your room with me :)

ps. I love how Lydia styled basically the same outfit! She posted it the day I wore this outfit. I just didn’t have shoes on, cause duh, you’re not supposed to put your shoes on the bed ;)


These pants (as much as I love pants now) have been sitting neatly folded at the bottom of the pants pile, who would have ever guessed that brown tweedy pants would be so difficult to wear and style with the rest of your clothes?! I would look at them every day when I open the dresser and pretend they weren’t there so I wouldn’t have to think about how to wear them. In a desperate laundry situation (long story) and deciding to just do it (ala Nike), I chose to wear the pants.

Thrift Eye

Besides being a little bit itchy, I feel silly for not having wanted to wear these pants. Then these shoes! I couldn’t find good reason to wear these shoes (either everything was too casual or too fancy), and then I decided to just wear them per some orders from some enablers on Instagram (and thank you for that!).

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Top: The Gap, free from Swap, Pants:Zara, Shoes: Pierre Hardy for Gap collection. Belt: Jcrew from Buffalo Exchange.

And then someone wanted to get their picture taken too.
Thrift Eye

I’ve also been contemplating some decor changes at home – but struggle with the thought of doing it because we rent. I’ve made a list, and am tackling the things I can change, mostly the styling of knick knacks across the place. I’ll leave the painting, changing light fixtures, buying a new couch things off until another time. We (I) took down this painting from the kitchen and the bf moved it here temporarily, not enough walls in this place! This is the view of the things I keep on my desk.

A lens, a little tooth you can stick things in (souvenir from living in Vegas, worlds biggest gift shop), a calendar from Britex Fabrics, my Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes that I wore the other day and was too lazy about putting away.

Some driftwood I’ve been collecting, a very cool (and heavy) yellow stone I found on the beach, my H&m x Lanvin sunglasses.

A faux painting from our old house in Vegas that I found hidden in the back of a closet, and another piece of my driftwood.

Maybe now that my wardrobe is taking a turn, so is my taste in home decor?

Oh yeah, I guess I’ve caved in and gotten a haircut. Only a few inches cut off and some fancy new bangs again after waking up with 80’s poof bangs every morning. This is why it’s so hard to grow bangs out!

Home Sweet Home

In the last few posts I kept getting requests for the graffiti thing on the wall behind me in some of my photos. The piece is covering our front door as soon as you walk in. It was there before I even moved in, a friend of my boyfriend did it one night and that’s all I know!

068 copy

022 copy
It says everyone must die (on a hilarious side note, the WUWDB at the bottom stands for what up with dat butt!)

The house is basically a mixture of my furniture mixed with some of his things. If you remember way back a few years ago on my blog, I used to live in a vintage Vegas house and it was full of furniture. And after I moved into an apartment I had to get rid of almost all of it (which is good, I hate having too many things). So the orange couch you used to see was his roommates, and as soon as he moved out and took the couch with him of course.

005 copy

Mine is just a regular couch, but I most of the the pillows! with Ikea fabric of course.The eyeball is my favorite.

Right now the house is an explosion of color revolving around white accents and backgrounds.

008 copy

My white Christmas tree…with a big paper flower I made. I had to put it in the blinds because the cat kept wanting to destroy it!

This isn’t going to be one of those ethereal homes you see on those pretty home blogs. Most of my stuff is mismatched, from Ikea, or even second hand! But I wouldn’t have it any other way right now. Although I wouldn’t mind a Barcelona chair eventually or keep it vintage with a Danish Modern couch, but that’s down the road.

A wide shot of the living room/ dining area

100 copy

And a wide angle of the dining area.

The boyfriend loves planes, so I can’t ask him to move it ;) But he also has all kinds of nautical touches in the house that he says started with one gift and it escalated to everyone thinking he loved boats etc… he even has a whaling harpoon that someone gave him! I’ve left those out for obvious personal reasons. And yes, that photo under the clock is me dressed as Margot Tenenbaum.

I made my bedroom in my way. The only thing that is missing is a headboard/bed frame. I’ve had absolutely no luck finding one that I really love or can afford. I really want the headboard the Draper’s had in the bedroom on Mad Men!

105 copy
Our cat Dot has some sort of obsession with having her little “bed.” If we fold it up like this, she will ALWAYS be on it. It’s like she knows it’s where she’s supposed to go. Can cats have OCD? The picture frames on the wall are fake shadow boxes I made from high resolution scans of butterflies and dollar store frames. From a distance they look pretty real.

106 copy
Dot again, and my knick knack and jewelry dresser.

I’m kind of bummed this photo came out slightly blurry but it’s my fragrances, my knick knack bowl, and Ikea tree that holds my jewelry.

093 copy

I have two Victoria’s secret sprays that were gifts. The blue one is absolutely amazing if you haven’t had a chance to ever smell it. It has something called ylang ylang in it? Then Fresh’s Cannabis Rose which is very fragrant but strong, my sister Diana didn’t like it at all. Shalimar by Guerlain, which I have been wearing for years. And my new obsession, Jo Malone sweet lime and cedar. I swear this stuff is addictive, I had to get the tiniest bottle cause it’s more $ than I’m used to paying for perfumes (the little samples are also Jo Malone, but I don’t like them as much as the sweet lime and cedar scent).

My closet is nothing to rave about. When I lived in the house, I had two closets. Then I moved into the apartment and had a smaller walk in closet. Now I have a standard closet :-/ I’ve just had to deal with it of course, and I know it’s not the end of the world.

One side for coats and vintage, held on vintage wood hangers.
109 copy

Other side is for new clothes, put on thick metal hangers.
108 copy

This is the yellow room which is supposed to be a den/loft thing upstairs. But we just use it to put our bikes in.
033 copy
Sweater: Gap, gift from Diana cause she didn’t want it. Dress: See by Chloe from Buffalo Exchange. Belt: Vintage thrifted. Tights: no name from Diana too. Boots: Target.

029 copy

With my dinosaur friend
034 copy
Love the checker print on this dress, I’ve already worn it at least once a week since I got it. And I love the print on this sweater, thank you Diana :)

I know this has been quite a long post. Hope you enjoyed the little tour, so feel free to ask me any questions about what was shown here. This sort of inspires me to make a post one day of my camera collection!