with that 1920′s flair

Blame it on all that buzz about the new Great Gatsby movie, or the fact that my haircut had finally reached that really annoying in between phase (doubled when you have an asymmetrical haircut!), I knew it was time to go for it and just get that haircut!

What’s amazing is that because I have had this blog for so long (!) I can go back into my archives and pinpoint the time when my hair was last this short – with reference to this post, it seems to be early 2009. Since my hair is naturally curly, I thought I’d see how it would look with bouncy set of curls. And I actually really like it! I need to figure out how to do these fingerwaves next!

Since I already was channeling the 20′s, I thought dressing up with a nautical touch would also be fun!
Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Top: Saint James thrifted (a cute short sleeve version here!). Pants: Zara slacks. Shoes: Rachel Comey from Wasteland.

I also got to wear this outfit with my vintage red blazer, but none of those pictures came out for some reason! I only have this close up shot – but glad I was able to capture my cute Sally Hansen salon effects strips manicure :)

Thrift Eye

I can’t believe that two months ago I had long mermaid hair that would nearly choke me to death every day and now it’s more of a run a brush-through-it-and-go routine! I love it! I want everyone around me to get short haircuts now :)

Flip the switch

The other day I got a haircut. After four years of growing out my bob, I had a head full of two-feet-long hair. But it really didn’t feel like me anymore – it was as if a light went off in my head. Cut it off. My goal is to eventually go shorter, so this in between hair will suit me for the next few months.

really like it guys. I was very afraid that I was going to end up with something ugly or not me, and I think that was another reason I put it off for so long. It’s a little longer on one side, and it will make it super easy for me to wear my hair with my natural wave.

So long trapping my hair when putting on a bra, getting choked by hair wrapping around my throat as I slept, finding long hairs everywhere, impossible tangles, and getting caught in the car.

Thrift Eye

Top: vintage Balmain thrifted. Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft, super old hand me down. Skirt: the Gap. Tights: Hue. Boots: Paul Green from Buffalo Exchange Las Vegas.

I feel like a brand new woman.

The little accessories

Over the holiday break I spent a few weeks in Southern California with my family, where along with my mom and sister who have figure out so many great shopping places, I was in shopping heaven after being so uninspired for so long. I’ll take you along with my accessory journey in this post.

I have never been one to be too big on accessories. For many years I wore the exact same necklace and earrings every single day! I was a creature of habit. But I’ve been craving many changes (some of which I will touch upon in an upcoming post). So I figured I need to start branching out somewhere!

This pretty hairclip from Marc by Marc Jacobs has so many cute details I like – from the dots, the color, AND the bow? Can I wear this in my hair every day now?
Thrift Eye

This will be hard to believe but this is my first really jeweled, on trend, necklace I have ever owned. All others I have are so simple! So I kind of like how much this one stands out from the others.

Thrift Eye

These were the earrings I got at the Renegade Craft Fair. Not heavy at all, I like the subtle color of the brass. PERFECT for me.

Thrift Eye

So now that school is over, I have time to do things I used to love doing. I went to the craft store and picked up a whole bunch of yarn. I turned this ball of wool into  a pretty little hat. Although I want to make another pom pom that’s much bigger.

Thrift Eye

And I guess as a Christmas present for myself, I couldn’t pass on this fantastic deal on this Botkier purse. I was looking for a new purse and this one caught my eye because of the extra strap and rich earthy color.

Thrift Eye

Now, to figure out a better way to organize my accessories!

Simple summer

When I think of fall or winter, I think of layering and wearing lots of things together. Summer should be about being simple and keeping cool (even putting my hair up; it’s funny how significantly more you’re tempted to cut your hair when it’s hot). So while I really wanted to wear heels with this yellow dress, I decided to stick to simple and find some sandals to wear instead. Again, keeping the accessories to a minimum, the eyelet pattern of this dress accessorized enough.

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Dress: Tibi, thrifted. Sandals: Cynthia Vincent, thrifted. Watch: Fossil outlet in Las Vegas. Earrings: Urban Outfitters from a few years ago.

The fabric of this dress is a little stiff and it puffs out a little bit, but it’s very fun for wearing on sunny days. But since I know the sun won’t always be shining here in San Francisco, I have to figure out how to wear this yellow halter dress in more ways than just this. I’m open to suggestions :)

A new ‘do

I recently re-saw a picture of myself when I had a short, chin length bob haircut a few years back and it got me thinking about the changes my hair (and everyone else’s hair) has gone through.

I’ve had this thing since about high school where I’ve let my hair grow super long, then I get sick of it and chop it all off. I immediately regret it, and begin the growing out process again. I’m on my fourth year of growing out the bob haircut pictured above. Even that went through some reincarnations.

Here I am at my blondest ever, but it only lasted about two months because the color turned brassy very quickly.

I then grew it out a little bit more, went coppery, and let the bangs grow too.

I was even doing the ombre thing before it was cool

And just kind of let it grow out and get to my natural darker color from then on out.

And longer and longer, sometimes darker and darker

Stopping for bangs sometimes in between

I’ve more or less spent the last two years in this stage of long brown/auburn hair, sometimes with bangs, sometimes without

I’m pretty sure it’s the Leo in me that’s so obsessed with my hair (it’s our “mane”) and I really feel like I need a big change. My brain keeps telling me to cut it short again. But I’m enjoying the idea more of going very light with long hair, but my concerns are would I look good blond and can I afford the upkeep that someone with dark hair has to pay to be blonder? Maybe the haircut route should be the one I take after all? I mean, I do have a lifetime to grow it long again. I feel like everyone with long hair is giving up and just coloring the ends of their hair with the ombre trend, I don’t want to go that way.

Any other leo’s or hair sympathizers out there than can share how they feel? (it’s one of the few vanities about myself that I allow). See my Girls With Long Hair board on Pinterest to see how much I dream about long hair.