Old school

I was a young teen girl in the 90′s, where California cool ruled the world. I would browse my brother’s yearbooks constantly to see what older girls wore (it was one of my favorite summer time hobbies as a kid). Seems fitting, as I caught a rerun of Baywatch last night. So I always feel somewhat connected to that familiar 90′s wardrobe – even though it’s not something I always wear. So lately I had been on the hunt for the perfect vintage Levi’s (had to be made in USA!) and had an urge to pair them with this simple button up top, it was the perfect hint of the 90′s I was looking for. They’re a little snug, but considering I like how they look from behind, I can’t complain :)

Item From Made in… BUY
Gap button up thrifted China HERE
Levi’s 517 thrifted USA HERE
Jeffrey Campbell blue flats Shopbop.com China HERE

Thrift Eye, vintage levis, levis 517, gap white button up, jeffrey campbell flats, jeffrey campbell belanger, blue suede shoes, 90s outfit, style blogger

Thrift Eye, vintage levis, levis 517, gap white button up, jeffrey campbell flats, jeffrey campbell belanger, blue suede shoes, 90s outfit, style blogger

Thrift Eye, vintage levis, levis 517, gap white button up, jeffrey campbell flats, jeffrey campbell belanger, blue suede shoes, 90s outfit, style blogger

Funny enough, I was able to find a companion pair to these blue jeans on the same trip – an identical cut of Levi’s but in a darker wash BUT in spite of being the same size, they do not fit me. Like at all! This is what happens when you shop at a thrift store that doesn’t let you try on clothes (womp, womp). But since I had been browsing for some denim to try an embroidery project on, this is the perfect opportunity. Hoping I can share that with you guys soon!

Disposable fashion

Just watched this very inspiring documentary streaming on Netflix (& a few other places online) called The True Cost. The consumerism of having a fashion blog and living in a time of non-stop consumption is something I have struggled with. I try to consume as little as possible, reuse & restyle my wardrobe, and be conscious of what I buy. It’s not easy when bloggers who buy, buy, buy are soaring to to the top! But I’m happy staying behind if it means I’m setting a responsible model to be mindful of what you put on. I might just be at a stage of my career where I don’t need to shop second hand – but I’m using it as a means to not shop the high street and replace my old cheapy wardrobe with better quality things!

Watching this documentary is eye opening to a global impact that we can make if we change the way we shop.

It’s not something we can fix immediately – but you can choose to tell brands to not pay the bottom line, to pledge better wages and work environments, pledge sustainability and mindfulness over profits in their pockets. This goes beyond shopping Made in USA – but also promoting ecofashion and true fair trade. Our wardrobes don’t have to be disposable – don’t let the high street brainwash you into thinking so!

West Coast Craft 2015

This is not my first time at the rodeo, you may recall that I previously documented going to the West Coast Craft show way back in 2013! I like attending this show not because I’m on the hunt to purchase more things, I actually love going because it inspires me to create!! I like to sew (still learning), exploring embroidery, trying to kickstart my calligraphy again, crochet, home decorating, and crafting in general – that I get to see trends and just get inspired. I have been to several other craft shows as well, and definitely felt that for a few years some creators were relying heavily on jumping on a bandwagon of making things out of canvas and leather – I’m happy to report that bandwagon  has scaled back significantly finally.

So here are some fun photos of things I enjoyed!

A cute hanging shelf with a hole for your small planter – I can see one hanging by the window at home.
West Coast Craft San Francisco 2015

This booth had a lot of embroidered clothing – something I have been hoping to do (currently on the hunt for some vintage Levi’s!)
West Coast Craft San Francisco 2015

An up close photograph of one of the wool weavings we saw – the tufts are very large and billowing, unlike many of the structured weavings we’re used to seeing. Once I get the right materials, I’m definitely going to try this!
West Coast Craft San Francisco 2015

I absolutely loved the leather products at this booth! The aged leather had a gradient of color that was so beautiful in person. The black and brown leather together was just divine.
West Coast Craft San Francisco 2015

West Coast Craft San Francisco 2015

Who can resist a flowery print?
West Coast Craft San Francisco 2015

We saw a lot of ceramics – these marbleized ones were very cool
West Coast Craft San Francisco 2015

This booth consisted of rugs created by students who just used their imagination to create – I say that the results are actually really creative and artsy!
West Coast Craft San Francisco 2015

Not the best photo unfortunately, but I loved the printed silks inspired by nature at this booth
West Coast Craft San Francisco 2015

Hovering above one booth, they were really trying to make a point I guess, this giant shirt loomed over us :)
West Coast Craft San Francisco 2015

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and get inspired to create too!

Tokyo diaries: second half of trip

It’s been two weeks since returning, and I’m finally returning some sort of normalcy around here. Jetlag has gone away, no more “we just got back” excuses for unpacking, all that’s taken care of! But I’m still feeling really nostalgic, and looking back through these photos isn’t helping. BUT I will say this, I’ve immediately begun thinking of my wardrobe in a new way…I want to revamp what I have, add some more essentials that are better fabric quality & better fitting. We continued each day exploring, we rarely went to the same place twice (unless it was a Lawson convenience store) – so I felt like I had to make the most of each trip! Once we got a handle of where we were going, and getting around, it was easier to make mental notes of how to return to certain spots to check out later! I think you could spend a month in Tokyo and do something new each day!

Item From Made in… BUY
vintage hat flea market USA -
Gap dress thrifted India HERE
Vans sneakers thrifted China -
Madewell purse Shopbop.com China Similar from this season 
Rayban glasses thrifted USA HERE
Uniqlo tote Uniqlo.com China HERE

Cruising towards Harajuku
Thrift Eye, what to wear in tokyo

Thrift Eye, what to wear in tokyo

Little pockets of street art hidden everywhere like this
Walking to Harajuku Tokyo

Braved all the floors at La Foret – each shop had its own unique flair for every dressing style imaginable. Harajuku crossing La Foret Tokyo

We walked to Harajuku, through Omotesando, and over to Roppongi to get to the Mori Art Museum. The views alone were SO worth it!
Inside views View of Tokyo skyline from Mori Art Museum Roppongi Tokyo

Outside views
View of Tokyo Tree from Mori Art Museum sky deck Roppongi Tokyo

We spent one day in the city of Hakone – with the intentions of hoping to see Mt. Fuji or getting close to it. It was just our luck that the tram that would take you up the mountain to see it was closed because of volcanic activity. We ended up experiencing three earthquakes while there, so maybe it was for the best to not go up further! The little city is beautiful nonetheless. It’s supposed to be well known for its spas! It was very, very green here. The further you pulled away from Tokyo.
Hakone gardens Japan

We stopped by a garden that has been in Hakone for a very long time. It made me so bummed we missed the cherry blossom season.
Hakone gardens Japan

I never felt the pressure to dress in tourist type clothing or shoes. Even on this side trip.

Item From Made in… BUY
Three dots dress Shopbop.com USA blue version HERE
vintage denim top flea market USA -
Sam Edelman boots Shopbop.com China HERE

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

A cute little water spout in the park
Hakone gardens Japan

So we returned to the city to visit Shimokitzawa, which was described to us as vintage heaven. This area is more low key than other parts of Tokyo. I loved that it was full of American vintage and lots of cute restaurants & coffee shops!
Shimokitzawa thrift shopping Tokyo

A walk through Ginza to get to…
Ginza Tokyo

Tsukiji fish market!! We had some of the best tuna of our lives. If you like sushi & fish, please visit here. We weren’t extremely interested in catching the auctions, which you have to wake up really early for – just to eat the good food. We weren’t disappointed.
Tsukiji Fish Market Chuo Tokyo

Probably the happiest cat in Tokyo, king of the fish market
lounging cat at the Tsukiji fish market Tokyo

A quick walk away were the Hamarikyu gardens – a small piece of serenity in the city
Hamarikyu Gardens Chuo Tokyo

With an interesting view. Certain parts of the park make you forget you’re in the city, other parts are swallowed by the Shiodome city view!
Hamarikyu Gardens under the Shiodome Chuo Tokyo

I started to wear this extra layer tied around my waist most of the days – the weather would alternate between sunny, cloudy, windy (sometimes rainy) as the day went by. At nightfall, it quickly got cold. Layers were a must! Not pictured, my umbrella that shielded me from the sun.

Item From Made in… BUY
Three dots top Shopbop.com USA HERE
vintage denim shirt flea market USA -
Joe’s Jeans corduroy thrifted USA HERE
Loeffler Randall gold flats Shopbop.com Brazil HERE and HERE

Thrift Eye, what to wear in Tokyo

I bet people thought I was crazy taking this picture, but I loved these sakura flower manhole covers
Sakura manhole covers Tokyo Japan

We saw the Robot Restaurant show one night (no non-iphone pictures from me because it was so dark) and some other tourists told us to catch the festival going on at the Senso-Ji temple the next day
Senso Ji Asakusa Tokyo

The Sanja-Matsuri festival was in full effect with teams of locals carrying the bulk weight of these several ton shrines. The teamwork & energy was electrifying the air. It was amazing.
Senso Ji Sanja Matsuri Asakusa Tokyo

At the Tokyo National Museum, you could spend a good part of the day there exploring vast amounts of Asian art! We saw some beautiful kimonos and the ever so popular ninja swords, as well as the statues, brushwork art and paintings.
Tokyo National Museum Ueno Tokyo

There was a peaceful garden view
Tokyo National Museum Ueno Tokyo

The museum consisted of several buildings with different themes, I liked the exterior of this modern looking one.
Tokyo National Museum Ueno Tokyo

Took the opportunity for a photo in the beautiful marble window view

Item From Made in… BUY
Clu dress thrifted USA sleeveless version HERE
vintage denim shirt flea market USA -
Vans tennis shoes thrifted -

Thrift Eye

I’ll end this post with another cute manhole cover
Manhole cover Tokyo

This trip has definitely changed my life – there’s no way I can possibly even share all my photos with you guys. I’ll be updating my Flickr with some of the pictures periodically (editing them takes a LONG time, hence why these posts took so long, sorry). But going through my photos, I kept kicking myself for not having taken more! Or days I didn’t want to bring the camera along for whatever reason. Those memories will live in my head as my treasures. From memories of getting ripped off playing pachinko, to our special breakfasts each morning – those things you can’t capture with a camera. I took a small notebook and filled it each morning with things from the day before. That way I’ll have my favorite memories saved forever. I was so afraid to go, I wish someone had told me to not be afraid and to have done it sooner. Now I just want to save up and visit during cherry blossom season! I hope this inspires you go for the first time or go again!

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