This old house again

This old house again

Many moons ago, I dreamed of a project in which I could wear my designs. I don't know why, but I had imagined (and I have a very vivid image in my head from that Eureka moment) where someone (me) would wear a t-shirt tucked into their pants, and their top half showed a design … Continue reading This old house again

My mother’s vintage dresses

I spent almost half a month in Mexico over the Summer. It was an amazing getaway to disconnect from work, the internet, politics, news, and general stresses of life. It really gave me a whole new perspective of life privilege that I experience on a small and large scale living in the US (but I … Continue reading My mother’s vintage dresses

West Coast Craft Summer 2017

Well hello there! I didn't mean to take such a long break. But *SIGH* the world news got depressing and overwhelming. Then some behind the scenes bits from my website broke. Now I'm back up and running and feeling more motivated to post :) I've shared my love for the West Coast Craft fair many … Continue reading West Coast Craft Summer 2017

Hippie Modernism at Berkeley Art Museum

It has been a good while since I've done a museum post! As a lover of museums, I always love photographing special exhibits (and showing them here), especially when they're within the fashion realm! The only problem is that...most of the shows I've recently seen prohibited photos (grr!) which is good and bad. I love … Continue reading Hippie Modernism at Berkeley Art Museum