Style on a dime

When I began my blog, I was all about that thrifting life - I still am, but my style has inevitably changed as I have gotten older and "wiser" with my money. Thus, the thrifty life doesn't have to exclusively exist within a thrift store. I have always been very proud of myself for being … Continue reading Style on a dime


Ever since I read about the amazing things Rosie and Harriet were doing in the world of accessories on Susie's blog, I have been enamored with anything and everything Tatty Devine. It is great to see women create a passionate company with such innovation, style, and imagination. They've now released a book, How to Make Jewelry with Tatty … Continue reading HOW TO MAKE JEWELRY WITH TATTY DEVINE

A literary take on fashion part 15

If you’re new to this books into fashion series, you can catch up with the others HERE. As I read and finish a book, I sometimes immediately start bubbling with ideas to make one of my books into fashion collages. These two following books are children's classics that I never got to read as, ahem, a … Continue reading A literary take on fashion part 15

The little accessories

Over the holiday break I spent a few weeks in Southern California with my family, where along with my mom and sister who have figure out so many great shopping places, I was in shopping heaven after being so uninspired for so long. I'll take you along with my accessory journey in this post. I have … Continue reading The little accessories