The Miu Miu copy cat

While withdrawing some really old books at work the other day, I was stopped in my tracks when I saw the inside lining pages of this book and found a very surprising set of illustrations. Note, this book is from 1991 –

The illustrations are credited to a Dan Wright, I actually tried to contact him (but was unsuccessful) because you may recognize these illustrations from the Spring 2010 Miu Miu runway full of cats and swallows.

It’s really interesting to see how fashion is pulled from anywhere. I just hope the illustrator was properly compensated.


Shoe Mecca? hardly

I’ve been following a thread on the Fashion Spot Forums that give light to shoe knockoffs as soon as people find them. Come to find out that this shoe would be put into reproduction


The reps for Sam Edelman had been letting people know that they were going to re-release the Balenciaga knockoff boots that so many “fashionistas” had been clamoring for. The only catch now? The price tag has doubled to about $300 dollars. Which at this point might seem cheap for the people who were paying up to $700 or more on ebay.

What is it about this shoe that has caused so much news? I think if they were released for the original price, then perhaps I would want one pair for myself. But for $300, you could go to Barneys, Saks, or Neiman Marcus and buy yourself a real designer shoe instead of one that is supposed to look like it. Yet there are girls high and low shelling out their money (recession what?) for these boots.

Do you see yourself paying to get these boots? I’m surprised no one else is knocking them off now.

Finding the truth and the lies: thrift store edition

Part of the whole thrifting lifestyle is being able to differentiate between fake items and the real deal. The real deal will come across few and far between, the fakes are a dime a dozen.



Sometimes now I don’t even turn anymore, there’s no point in getting excited anymore. In fact, when I have found something good, of value, I get kind of scared that it is fake or that someone is going to take it from me. Which is ridiculous, I know.

Being all that it is, thrifting fakes really turns into a whole other element than just buying the fake online or in a store. You’re not creating profit for some counterfeiter, only the thrift store itself. So do oyu still buy the fake because of the “label” or because you really like it? As in, if it didn’t have this fake label, would you still buy it? Or if you buy something, then realize later it’s fake, same thing?!