Candice Huffine for SModa: all sizes can be sexy

I wanted to share this editorial I saw online the other day from Spanish magazine, S Moda. It features model Candice Huffine and the tagline under the cover says “Only recently has the fashion industry open its eyes that we are beautiful, sexy, and good models. Now the people need to see more.” I think Candice is stepping into the shoes that Crystal Renn left behind. She is mighty sexy!

(pictures via Fashion Gone Rogue)

I’ve had on my mind the whole concept of women of different sizes – curvy is beautiful. I wish it wasn’t always so black and white in magazines. Why does there exist a world that is either “model” sized or another world that is “plus” size? Will we see in our lifetimes the two worlds combine?

Valentine’s Day, and a gift for one lucky person

I had a lovely getaway to California for this Valentine’s Day…my second official one with my boyfriend, since we’ve spent three together (the very first we were still dating, and will go down in infamy as the strangest V-Day in history for us). We took this photos after dinner at a really nice Argentine restaurant in Pasadena. It was a little chilly, but not as cold as in Vegas. So I wore a dress I haven’t gotten to wear in a blue moon.

010 copy

011 copy

Sweater: H&m. Dress: Richard Chai for Target. Shoes: Fornarina heels.

006 copy

The next day was spend running around the Rose Bowl Flea Market…I love this place, I’m going to try to plan all my trips around this event. If you ever visit the LA area, you should really check this out if you can.

As for the gift!






I came upon my second copy of the Teen Vogue Handbook. They each have a free subscription to the magazine. Since I already got one, I’m reaching out to you guys for the other one.

I encourage your comments on my post no matter where you are from please, but if you live in the continental US and would like a chance to win a FREE subscription to Teen Vogue, please leave a comment. They are not sponsoring me to do this, just in case anyone is wondering. As I approach the fourth year of bloggin (yikes!), I just want to give back to all of my readers, and give one lucky person the chance to win this. You will have until Wednesday the 10th to enter to win. And don’t think you have to be a teen to enjoy this. I’ve consistently read Teen Vogue since it started, and although I am no longer a teen, I LOVE this magazine. I subscribe to it even when I don’t do the regular Vogue.

Thank you so much for following me through all this time.. I really appreciate it.

Why I love working at the library

Every once in a while I go to one of the bigger branches here in Las Vegas and I get to browse their periodicals department. Of which I zero in on their foreign magazine section, of which I totally gush over time and time again. I get to check out things like this


Elle France

Vogue Espana (they accidentally gave me the runway collections issue)



Bazaar UK

and these two cool Japanese magazines called 25ans and Non-no

The latter two which I found incredibly interesting and inspiring but hit a snag when I realized I couldn’t even read their suggestions, so most things remain untraceable for me. So I will use them as mental notes for inspirations. I tried to get our librarian to order some other things though for our branch. I think they’re a bit hesitant to order things that could have nudity, even in the sense of fashion. So we’ll see how this goes. I should go back this next week to see what else has come in.

used to go to Borders and Barnes and Noble religiously, but I don’t find myself needing to now that I can see those same magazines at work 🙂

Tales of the Obi

Two Teen Vogue’s ago (cause I just got mine with Ellen Page on the cover) with Camilla Belle, I was amazed by this photo of her wearing an obi. And it reminded me of how when I went antiquing a while back, they had vintage kimonos and obis.

While I don’t have a real obi, I figured I could use one of my old scarves laying around instead.

Plus, I had gone through my old clothes that I had already put away, to pluck out the things I was going to donate. I actually saved a lot of old printed tops, this was one of them. It has this really cool African print. I can’t believe I was going to throw this out! So I wanted to be colorful this day…

Top: thrifted $3
Scarf: art booth purchase $10
Belt: Target $14
Skirt: Target $12
Tights: Urban outfitters, a few bucks on sale
Shoes: Fornarina

It doesn’t take much to add color to an outfit, and now I’m going to be trying this obi trick on more outfits.