The conundrum of blogging, twelve years later

The morning I began to type this post, I had just received an email from a blog sponsor telling me I had been removed from their program and would no longer receive compensation because of low engagement from my site. Understandable when explained that way. What I failed to mention to them, (which I see … Continue reading The conundrum of blogging, twelve years later

Hello April

How is it already April?! I have been insanely busy at work. Which has got me motivated to breathe life back into this blog! I'm finding some much needed focus. I have a few fun posts in the works and a whole lotta catching up to do! So here are my April favorites. I think … Continue reading Hello April

Where have I been?

Have I fallen victim to the hamster wheel of blogging? The first rule of blogging I learned was to never apologize about why you weren't blogging. The second rule was to try to post as much as possible. I broke both of those rules. This place started out for me, as a journal of sorts, … Continue reading Where have I been?

Before and After

I had someone again ask me the other day, "What's your secret?" I never know how to respond to these questions. People always assume I've been thin my whole life, better yet, they assume everything and anything. That's where I've learned to mind my own business about other people's bodies over the years - but … Continue reading Before and After