My mother’s vintage dresses

I spent almost half a month in Mexico over the Summer. It was an amazing getaway to disconnect from work, the internet, politics, news, and general stresses of life. It really gave me a whole new perspective of life privilege that I experience on a small and large scale living in the US (but I digress!)

One of my favorite moments (and there were many,) was asking my momma to unearth her wedding dress from 1972 so I could try it on. I recall that many, many, many, many years ago I tried to put it on…and it never fit. Being that the last time I had visited was 2011, I knew that it would fit me this time. I begged her to let me try it on again.

I didn’t want to unfurl the veil because it was too delicate and complicated, but the dress is so groovy. I loved it.
Thrift Eye, vintage clothing

Oh, but that wasn’t it, I also made her let me try on the suit my dad wore as his groom’s outfit! We all had a good laugh because it fit too!
Thrift Eye, vintage clothing

And then this meant we had to empty the wardrobe of course. I had to try everything on. So we had some lovely conversations I’ll appreciate forever – like about where the clothing came from, when, why, and who made it.

This green and white piece was from my retro dreams
Thrift Eye, vintage clothing

This burgundy suit set had a lovely marled texture of white flecks – I’m regretting not bringing this back now so I can wear it in my everyday wardrobe
Thrift Eye, vintage clothing

I think this is pinnacle 70’s
Thrift Eye, vintage clothing

And this ruffle shirt didn’t originally go with this skirt, but I couldn’t resist combining the two purples
Thrift Eye, vintage clothing

There were some other individual pieces I tried on, like some high waisted bell bottomed green pants! I just wish I had used my real camera to take the photos instead of my Iphone.

One day I’ll go back and have enough space in my suitcase to bring this all back home with me. Today, I have the memories :)

Some of my favorite Latina/Hispanic bloggers

If there is one thing I’ve always wanted people to understand, is that things may not always seem as they appear and that people of different heritages don’t come in only one color. When I tell people my parents are from Mexico, the first thing they usually as me is “Say something in Spanish.” Mexico is a rainbow of colors from the darkest to the lightest, and really, couldn’t you say that about almost all countries? I am fluent in Spanish – I cannot even tell you how many uncomfortable situations I have been in overhearing conversations in Spanish trash talking me because they think I’m white, or vice versa, hearing conversations in English trash talking Mexican’s because they don’t think I am one.

And just as diverse as the people of Latin American countries can be, I’ve found it so fascinating to see style develop through different bloggers. There are bloggers that live abroad in their home countries or in foreign (to them) countries, or those like me who live in America but come from a Hispanic heritage. All these elements give different perspectives in fashion and blogging. It’s especially important now that fashion blogs are becoming more diverse than magazines, that we present and be proud of our heritages. I think that’s a large part of the fashion appeal too.

I’ve rounded up a list of my favorite bloggers that I find inspiring in fashion, style, taste, among other things and are of Hispanic heritage.

Ariana – La Catrina Style – Great style with a bohemian flare and an obsession with color and platform shoes.
La Catrina de la Moda,  great and inspiring latina and hispanic fashion and style bloggers

Andy – Style Scrapbook A big blogger that most likely you have heard of, her story is pretty amazing and she has created a very impressive empire online and now with television internationally.
Style Scrapbook,  great and inspiring latina and hispanic fashion and style bloggers

Karla – Karla’s Closet Another big blogger with amazing style. Lots of vintage dresses. Sky high heels. Plus an enviable jewelry collection.
Karla's Closet,  great and inspiring latina and hispanic fashion and style bloggers

Diana – Our City Lights Photography lover extraordinaire, every post she publishes is from the heart.
Our City Lights,  great and inspiring latina and hispanic fashion and style bloggers

Julie – Sincerely Jules Another blogger you’ve probably already heard about, quintessential southern California style.
Sincerely Jules,  great and inspiring latina and hispanic fashion and style bloggers

Delmy – Fashion Bananas This curvy New Yorker is not afraid to wear color and has an amazing shoe collection.
Fashion Bananas,  great and inspiring latina and hispanic fashion and style bloggers

Maria – Kitties + Couture Petite fashionista from the Bay Area I have had the pleasure of knowing, she is amazingly nice!
Kitties and Couture,  great and inspiring latina and hispanic fashion and style bloggers

Gala – Am Lul This Spanish style start is now based out of London but seems to jet set all over the world, plus she has been there since the beginning of style blogs.
Am Lul,  great and inspiring latina and hispanic fashion and style bloggers

Freesia A blogger from Mexico with an eye for color and mixes in her own great illustrations.
Freesia,  great and inspiring latina and hispanic fashion and style bloggers

Marie – Joy of Fashion When you see Marie’s blog, you see the happiness radiating from her. I guess that’s why she put Joy in her blog title.
Joy of Fashion,  great and inspiring latina and hispanic fashion and style bloggers

Various others:

Tina – City Girl Rides

Jes – Ryzenberg On

Sandra – Debutante Clothing

El Diario de la Moda

I’ve also enjoyed this trend hunting in Mexico website, Cool Hunter.

While it’s impossible for me to list all and every single of the blogs that fall under this category, believe me, there are tons more (you can just look here).

Are you a person of color (or not) and how do you feel about the diversity or maybe lack of diversity in blogging?

Style can transcend color, and my RSS feed is very colorful.

Rewind to the summer

Raise your hand with me if you’re ready to go back to this summer!
After leaving the house this morning and walking right into a giant cloud of fog, and how I think about how little summer we had in San Francisco…I’m ready for it to be warm again! A girl can dream. So I decided to post a few of the last photos from my summer trip to Jalostotitlan Mexico where I definitely relished every bit of sun before returning to the land of fog.
I don’t think I’ll ever get over how many amazing original doors there are on almost all the houses. I’m kicking myself for not taking more photos of them
Thrift Eye
This is at a city called San Juan de Los Lagos, the church is famous for having a very small statue of Mary that is said to have fulfilled many miracles
San Juan de Los Lagos
Many pilgrims visit the city daily to pray to this statue for a miracle, they had to dedicate a whole giant room inside the church for all the testaments brought of fulfilled miracles! The room is amazing!
San Juan de Los Lagos
San Juan de Los Lagos
This land used to belong to my grandfather (RIP). It now belongs to my mother and her siblings. A little slice of land of our own.
Rancho Los Portales - Jalostotitlan
This is where my mother grew up, right on this land. How breathtaking is it!?
Rancho Los Portales - Jalostotitlan
Of course I had to squeeze in an outfit photo of Diana (sister) and myself.
Here is Diana
I think her shorts are from Forever 21, her top is Tracy Reese, Betsey Johnson sunglasses.
Dress: Custo Barcelona from Saks Fifth Avenue. Sandals: Fornarina on Melrose.
Am I crazy for hanging onto the last bit of summer?!

Hope you mid-week is going smoothly.

Coming soon…more photos from Mexico Carbon footstep 2011

Carbon footstep 2011
605 copy
604 copy
Myself : Billabong, free from Swap, Denim: Fornarina, Flats: Ash from swapmeet, Bag: Lesportsac, birthday present

Diana (hi Diana!)
Not sure what’s she’s wearing, maybe she’ll leave me a comment and tell me.
Our inspiration? Be as comfortable as possible while walking long distances in the heat and easily jumpable into the back of a pickup truck!

More to come soon.