The mad scientist

The man sometimes behind the lens of many of my photos, Jorge, has been taking on some really fashionable and creative projects. His last shoot, Mad Scientist came out absolutely amazing and I asked him if I could share the pictures with you guys here

Model: Valderiz W
Styling: Roma Oeh & Dayne Arron
Make Up: Gary Nomura Febus
Photo: Jorge A. Novoa
Studio: BlueSky LightGrid

It was such an interesting theme and the set looks amazing!! I love the mix of gritty and grime with fashion.

Candice Huffine for SModa: all sizes can be sexy

I wanted to share this editorial I saw online the other day from Spanish magazine, S Moda. It features model Candice Huffine and the tagline under the cover says “Only recently has the fashion industry open its eyes that we are beautiful, sexy, and good models. Now the people need to see more.” I think Candice is stepping into the shoes that Crystal Renn left behind. She is mighty sexy!

(pictures via Fashion Gone Rogue)

I’ve had on my mind the whole concept of women of different sizes – curvy is beautiful. I wish it wasn’t always so black and white in magazines. Why does there exist a world that is either “model” sized or another world that is “plus” size? Will we see in our lifetimes the two worlds combine?

Coco Rocha: making the cover shot

Things had slowed down here because I was at the end of wrapping up two final papers and my internship, both of which are over for this semester. Which now means having actual time to take photos (of myself, of anything! I’ve put down the camera for too long). I have a few ideas in my head that I’ve been wanting to find time to create and post, now I finally have the time! (or if there’s anything you’d like to me to post about, please let me know!)

I can’t stop watching this video with Coco Rocha, and maybe I have Top Model on the brain (anyone remember her short appearance on ANTM?). But gosh, does she look absolutely gorgeous but so energetic. She’s one of the few models who looks like she enjoys her job! I’m sure all of us taking blog photos could learn a thing or two from her.

via Racked

Hope your weekend is going great :)

Banana Republic invades Virgin America Flight 407

What would you do if your flight turned into a runway show?! I was just blown away by this video from Banana Republic

This is also why I love Virgin America. Flying never looked so good. AND a little sneak peek into the Mad Men collection? I love how some of the passengers were still acting like nothing was happening – I mean, I wish this would happen when I fly instead of crying babies!