My mother’s vintage dresses

I spent almost half a month in Mexico over the Summer. It was an amazing getaway to disconnect from work, the internet, politics, news, and general stresses of life. It really gave me a whole new perspective of life privilege that I experience on a small and large scale living in the US (but I digress!)

One of my favorite moments (and there were many,) was asking my momma to unearth her wedding dress from 1972 so I could try it on. I recall that many, many, many, many years ago I tried to put it on…and it never fit. Being that the last time I had visited was 2011, I knew that it would fit me this time. I begged her to let me try it on again.

I didn’t want to unfurl the veil because it was too delicate and complicated, but the dress is so groovy. I loved it.
Thrift Eye, vintage clothing

Oh, but that wasn’t it, I also made her let me try on the suit my dad wore as his groom’s outfit! We all had a good laugh because it fit too!
Thrift Eye, vintage clothing

And then this meant we had to empty the wardrobe of course. I had to try everything on. So we had some lovely conversations I’ll appreciate forever – like about where the clothing came from, when, why, and who made it.

This green and white piece was from my retro dreams
Thrift Eye, vintage clothing

This burgundy suit set had a lovely marled texture of white flecks – I’m regretting not bringing this back now so I can wear it in my everyday wardrobe
Thrift Eye, vintage clothing

I think this is pinnacle 70’s
Thrift Eye, vintage clothing

And this ruffle shirt didn’t originally go with this skirt, but I couldn’t resist combining the two purples
Thrift Eye, vintage clothing

There were some other individual pieces I tried on, like some high waisted bell bottomed green pants! I just wish I had used my real camera to take the photos instead of my Iphone.

One day I’ll go back and have enough space in my suitcase to bring this all back home with me. Today, I have the memories :)

Watercolor dress

Do you ever have that one item in your closet you tell your “hmmm, I should wear that” but never do? That’s exactly what I do with this dress my mom made for me. I tell myself these sentiments over and over, and before I know it, it’s been YEARS since I wear the damn thing! What the hell :) Oh well. Besides, I’ve already shared I feel guilty about getting rid of any of the clothes my mom makes for me (one day I should share all the early 2000’s things she’s made for me that I have in a box hidden away).

The funny thing is, I’ve never really known how to wear this dress! It’s a little too short for my every day taste – so I wear it when it’s really warm outside. It definitely fit my lifestyle better when I lived in Las Vegas (where you can wear short clothes most of the year because it’s so damn hot). So when we finally got warm in San Francisco (hallelujah!) I knew I couldn’t skip over the dress again!

Item From Made in… BUY
custom dress Mom :) USA
vintage hat flea market
Sam Edelman boots gift China HERE
Bill Blass watch Japan

Thrift Eye, watercolor dress, vintage orange hat, sam edelman petty boots, style blogger

Thrift Eye, watercolor dress, vintage orange hat, sam edelman petty boots, style blogger

Thrift Eye, watercolor dress, vintage orange hat, sam edelman petty boots, style blogger

It helps that my new (vintage) orange hat motivates me to wear more colorful things too!

My new striped dress

I’ve had a certain striped dress at the back of my mind these last few years – I was (and still am!) completely enamored by a certain Marc Jacobs striped silk dress (I even tried it on). But the price tag? Ouch, was several hundred dollars out of my budget. I’ll keep the story short, but I found this fabric with my mom and we immediately thought of THE dress and she agreed to make me an inspired version. How lucky am I to have such a talented mother!

Thrift Eye, striped dress, diy dress, fashion blogger

I’m still laughing at this silly pose, but we had been watching a new Bettie Page documentary on Netflix the night before – apparently she had a knack for the weirdest poses, I on the other hand, do not :)

Lace on lace

Temperatures have risen a bit this December, was I just complaining about it being cold? (hello global warming!). It got warm enough to enjoy a quick bare legged walk to dinner in an outfit with a story.

Thrift Eye

See, my mom made this lace top and skirt set just for me. I’ve only worn it once before, and it was worn just like this. They’re not attached to each other, but in my head they’re like once piece – they have to be worn together.

Thrift Eye

Skirt and top: made by my mom for me. Shoes: Fornarina.

Do you find yourself with a similar outfit that just HAS to be worn together? And the weird thing is, if this was something store bought, I probably would have donated it a long time ago because I don’t wear it. But because it was made for me, I just can’t ever give it away either. I need to show you guys some of the 90’s and 00’s things my mom made me and I’ve kept!