Spring Break

This past Spring Break was a true break for me. I brought my camera, but just couldn't find the patience to take photos while I was in Southern California. I spent 99% of it with my family and just wanted to enjoy being with them since now that I've finished school, this will probably be … Continue reading Spring Break

Collections of 3: heart stud earrings

There's a certain pair of earrings that I wear ALL the time, so much that I searched high and low online to find the pair again because the place they were purchased from in San Francisco permanently shuttered its doors. And I realized that I have at my disposal more heart earrings through my sister, … Continue reading Collections of 3: heart stud earrings

In Wonderland

Got away to California for a nice little father's day weekend...and got some great, fantastic, amazing family time. Nephews birthday party then beach time with two other nieces and my mom. If you ever find yourself wanting to visit a southern California beach, head on over to Corona del Mar. It's absolutely beautiful. This trip … Continue reading In Wonderland