Those yellow pants

Remember on my last thrifting trip I told you I bought those insanely wrinkled yellow pants? Look what a little TLC can do! I saw the bright potential in these pants, and for inaugural wear....I was confused how to make it work. So I went fairly neutral, especially since the weather doesn't allow for something … Continue reading Those yellow pants

The perfect rain coat

I have the best luck thrifting, I am now the owner of an Everlane trench coat (which I had been eyeing on their site for a few months) but found at Buffalo Exchange. It came at the most perfect time, since we've had some non-stop rain the last two weeks. We sorely need it, so … Continue reading The perfect rain coat

Disneyland play

Sometimes you just got to unwind and enjoy yourself in a kiddy way, so we escaped to Disneyland for a little bit (although, the price tag isn't as enjoyable as of late). I found my most Minnie Mouse looking outfit, comfy shoes, finally got myself a little embroidered cap, and I was set! Only kids … Continue reading Disneyland play

In the tall grass

1. Hello California drought 2. A quick Saturday trip up north is my battery charger - stepping away from the hustle & bustle of the city is nice, makes me appreciate it all that more when I come back! I wish I could take longer trips up there, but alas! The laundry calls (along with … Continue reading In the tall grass