In the tall grass

1. Hello California drought 2. A quick Saturday trip up north is my battery charger - stepping away from the hustle & bustle of the city is nice, makes me appreciate it all that more when I come back! I wish I could take longer trips up there, but alas! The laundry calls (along with … Continue reading In the tall grass

Forget about winter – let’s rewind to the summer

It's cold everywhere, and I just got my hands on these photos from the summer, so I'm defying reason and posting these pictures instead to remind me of warmer times :) As a child, I once saw an episode of Reading Rainbow that was about oceans and more importantly, otters. I spent most of my … Continue reading Forget about winter – let’s rewind to the summer

A new printed pant

Per my previous outfit post, finding pants that fit and aren't black, is my latest obsession. Furthermore, they have to be able to successfully transition between work and non-work outfits. So when I found these fun Jcrew pants at Crossroads a while back, I couldn't believe someone would get rid of brand new pants with … Continue reading A new printed pant